The gentleman of Venice. The politican. The imposture. The Cardinal. The sisters. The court secret

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John Murray, Albemarle Street., 1833
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Page 41 - You may be angry. Madam, and chide it as a saucy pride In me to name or look at honour ; nor Can I but know what small addition Is my unskilful arm to aid a country. Bell. I may therefore justly suspect there is Something of other force, that moves you to The wars. Enlarge my knowledge with the secret.
Page 288 - If I then be happy To have a name within your thought, there can Be nothing left to crown me with new blessing ; But I dream thus of heaven, and wake to find My amorous soul a mockery. When the priest Shall tie you to another, and the joys Of marriage leave no thought at leisure to Look back upon Alvarez, that must wither For loss of you; yet then I cannot lose So much of what I was once in your favour, But, in a sigh, pray still you may live happy. [Exit.
Page 310 - To punish such black crimes i' the other world, Let me have swift, and such exemplar justice, As shall become this great assassinate ; You will take off our faith else : and, if here Such innocence must bleed, and you look on, Poor men, that call you gods on earth, will doubt To obey your laws, nay, practise to be devils, As fearing, if such monstrous sins go on, The saints will not be safe in Heaven. King. You shall, You shall have justice. Car.
Page 280 - twixt my grief and me, Is but a sad remembrance ; but I resolve To entertain more pleasing thoughts ; and if You wish me heartily to smile, you must Not mention grief, not in advice to leave it. Such counsels open but afresh the wounds You would close up, and keep alive the cause, Whose bleeding you would cure. Let's talk of someThat may delight.
Page 399 - GET a painter, Sir, And when he has wrought a woman by your fancy, See if you know her again. Were it not fine If you should see your mistress without hair, Drest only with those glittering beams you talk of?
Page 275 - Muse, or ladies' love, Romance, or direful tragedy it prove, The bill determines not ; and would you be Persuaded, I would have'ta Comedy, For all the purple in the name, and state Of him that owns it...
Page 355 - The play is inscribed to the most worthily honored William Paulet, Esquire : — " Compositions of this nature have heretofore been graced by the acceptance und protection of the greatest nobility (I say not princes) ; but in this age, when the scene of dramatic poetry is changed into a wilderness, it is hard to find a patron to a legitimate muse.
Page 340 - I would this soldier had the Cardinal Upon a promontory, with what a spring The churchman would leap down ! it were a spectacle Most rare, to see him topple from the precipice, And souse in the salt water with a noise To stun the fishes ; and if he fell into A net, what wonder would the simple sea-gulls Have, to draw up the o'ergrown lobster, So ready boiled ! He shall have my good wishes.
Page 320 - Not see her ? Were she cabled up above The search of bullet or of fire, were she Within her grave, and that the toughest mine That ever nature teemed and groaned withal, I would force some way to see her.
Page 357 - Shakespear comes, whose mirth did once beguile 'Dull hours, and buskind, made even sorrow smile, 'So lovely were the Wounds, that men would say ' They could endure the bleeding a whole day: He has but few friends lately, think o'that, Hee'l come no more, and others have his fate.

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