The Geology of Allegany County ...

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Friedenwald Company, 1900 - Geology - 163 pages

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Page 62 - A Report to the Navy Department of the United States on American Coals, Applicable to Steam Navigation, and to other purposes.
Page 85 - Report of progress of stream measurements for the calendar year 1897, including papers by Dwight Porter, JB Lippincott and other hydrographers. 19th Ann. Rept, US Geol. Survey, 1897-98, pt. IV. Washington, 1899. STRATIGRAPHY AND AREAL DISTRIBUTION. With the exception of some scattering Pleistocene deposits, all of the geological formations exposed in Allegany county are of Paleozoic age. The Pleistocene deposits are too poorly...
Page 75 - REPORT ON THE CLAY DEPOSITS of Woodbridge, South Amboy and other places in New Jersey, together with their uses for firebrick, pottery, &c.
Page 72 - A REPORT TO THE NAVY DEPARTMENT OF THE UNITED STATES ON AMERICAN COALS : Applicable to Steam Navigation and to other purposes.
Page 74 - First Report of Philip T. Tyson, State Agricultural Chemist, to the House of Delegates of Maryland, January, 1860.
Page 97 - Tentaculite limestone is very marked because of the different weathering qualities of the two rocks. The Salina rock weathers into soil very completely, while the Tentaculite limestone leaves innumerable small, thin, dark-blue slabs upon the surface. The thickness of the formation is nearly 800 feet. The two partial sections given below are believed to represent the full thickness as well as a duplication of some of the middle beds, as indicated. The Potomac section extends from the bottom of the...
Page 74 - TYSON, PHILIP T. Second Report of Philip T. Tyson, State Agricultural Chemist, to the House of Delegates of Maryland, Jan.
Page 96 - O'Harra in the report previously cited: Lithologically, the Helderberg is preeminently a limestone formation. Argillaceous materials occur as impurities in some of the beds, but these are not important, and sandstones are almost wholly lacking. Thin bands of chert, which are white or yellowish-white in color, occur sparingly throughout the upper part of the formation. Most of the limestone in the upper part is heavily bedded, and much of it is highly fossiliferous. The lower part of the Helderberg...
Page 71 - JH Report on the Manufacture of Iron addressed to the Governor of Maryland by JH Alexander. Printed by order of the Senate. Annapolis, 1840, 8vo, 369 pp., 3 plates.
Page 97 - Bluish gray limestone, breaking into shaly fragments. Weathering indicates much argillaceous material 18 Massive Stromatopora beds 36 Shaly limestone, somewhat nodular 10...

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