The gray dawn

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Doubleday, Page & Co., 1915 - California - 393 pages

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Page 218 - Hogan of the Vicksburg paper who was murdered by gamblers of that place is cited as a warning. Pah! . . . War then is the cry, is it? War between the prostitutes and gamblers on one side and the virtuous and respectable on the other ! Be it so, then! Gamblers of San Francisco, you have made your election and we are ready on our side for the issue!
Page 300 - 51. See in this movement what he saw in that — a local movement for a local reform in which the State is not concerned. We are not a mob. We demand no overthrow of institutions. We ask not a single court to adjourn. We ask not a single officer to vacate his position. We demand only the enforcement of the law which we have made.
Page 270 - What do you mean by that article?" he demanded. "What article?" asked King. "That which says I was formerly an inmate of Sing Sing prison." "Is not that true?" "That is not the question. I don't wish my past acts raked up; on that point I am sensitive.
Page 269 - The fact that Casey has been an inmate of Sing Sing prison in New York, is no offence against the laws of this state; nor is the fact of his having stuffed himself through the ballot-box, as elected to the board of supervisors from a district where it is said he was not even a candidate, any justification for Mr Bagley to shoot Casey, however richly the latter may deserve to have his neck stretched for such fraud on the people.
Page 279 - You are here creating an excitement," he said, "which may lead to occurrences this night which will require years to wipe out. You are now laboring under great excitement and I advise you to quietly disperse. I assure you the prisoner is safe. Let the law have its course and justice will be done.
Page 302 - After a dozen matters were settled, it was moved "that the Committee as a body shall visit the county jail at such time as the Executive Committee might >- direct, and take thence James P. Casey and Charles Cora, give them a fair trial, and administer such punishment as justice shall demand." This, of course, was the real business for which all this organization had been planned. A moment's pause succeeded the proposal, but an instantaneous and unanimous assent followed the demand for a vote. At...
Page 225 - That's the word ! If Mr Sheriff Scannell does not remove Billy Mulligan from his present post as keeper of the county jail, and Mulligan lets Cora escape, hang Billy Mulligan, and if necessary to get rid of the sheriff, hang him — hang the sheriff!
Page 300 - Now governor," continued Coleman, "you are asked by the mayor and certain others to bring out the militia and crush this movement. I assure you it cannot be done; and if you attempt it, it will cause you and us much trouble.
Page 311 - One minute the prospect was empty of all but spectators, the next it was filled with grim and silent armed men. Near the two women and among chance spectators on the piazza of the deserted house a well-known character of the times leaned against one of the pillars. This was Colonel Gift. Our chronicler, who has an eye for the telling phrase, describes him as "a tall, lank, empty-bowelled, tobacco-spurting Southerner, with eyes like burning black balls, who could talk a company of listeners into an...
Page 218 - that the editor of the Bulletin will not be in existence twenty days longer, and the case of Dr Hogan, of the Vicksburg paper, who was murdered by the gamblers of that place, is cited as a warning. Pah! We passed unscathed through worse scenes than the present at Sutter Fort in '48.

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