The Gray Dawn

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Doubleday, Page & Company, 1915 - California - 395 pages

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Page 316 - To THE VIGILANT COMMITTEE. Gentlemen: I am willing to go before you if you will let me speak but ten minutes. I do not wish
Page 316 - Where are all you brave fellows who were going to see me through this?
Page 391 - Seems a fairly intelligent brute, too," observed Keith, after a few moments. " Did you ever see so many stars? " said she. The buggy moved slowly on through the night. They did not talk. Explanations and narrative could wait until the morrow—a distant morrow only dimly foreseen across this vast ocean of night. All sense of
Page 374 - down," he urged in his most society manner. This immediately convinced Nan that Keith must be badly hurt. "Tell me at once!" she demanded. "Where is Milton? Is he —is " "As far as I know," replied Sansome, still in his courtly manner," Mr. Keith is in perfect health. As to where he
Page 200 - You shall come with me and see," said he. He led the way to the water front under Telegraph Hill, the newest and the most squalid part of town. The shallow water was in slow process of being filled in by sand from the gradinguptownandwithall sorts of miscellaneous debris.
Page 244 - of intimacy, a puzzling touch of formality. She seemed overnight to have lost in popularity. Truth to tell, she paid little attention to this. By now she was experienced enough in human nature to understand and to be able to gauge the slight fluctuations, the ebbs and flows of esteem, the kaleidoscopic shiftings and realignments of the
Page 247 - quite composed in her small, compact way. "What's what all about, Nan, dear?" asked Sally Warner in her most vivacious manner. She keenly felt the dramatic situation and was already visualizing herself in the role of raconteuse. "You know perfectly well. Why this funeral? Where are they all? Why did
Page 46 - disgust appeared in his dark eyes, but he said nothing more. Caldwell lit a cigar with pudgy fingers. "My advice to you," he said to Markle, "is that if you think you're going to have to kill this man in self-defence"—he rolled an unabashed and comical eye at the
Page 50 - all directions. Many houses had, by these operations, been left perched high and dry far above the grade of the new streets. Often the sand was crumbling away from beneath their outer corners. All sorts of nondescript ramshackle and temporary stairs had been improvised to get their inhabitants in or out. The latter seemed to be clinging to
Page 380 - He'd read anything given him, of course. Mex knew the letter was false. I came up to find your house. I didn't know where you lived, so I stopped at John Sherwood's to inquire. Mrs. Sherwood was home alone. She came with me." " Where did this letter say I was supposed to be?

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