The Great Chicken Case: A Mock Trial

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W.H. Baker, 1915 - American drama - 26 pages

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Page 34 - Fifteen males, four females. Scenery varied ; costumes of the period. Plays a full evening. TWELFTH NIGHT: OR, WHAT YOU WILL AAA three females.
Page 28 - Costumes, moaern ; scenery, two interiors. Plays an hour and three-quarters. An ingenious and interesting story of football politics, into the plot of which the " movies " enter as a detective agency. Fred Williamson's unexpected talents as a photo-play comedian get him into all kinds of trouble. Full of the true college atmosphere, lively, bright and a sure hit. Strongly recommended. Price, 25 cents CHARACTERS LE ROY BRIGGS, captain of the football team...
Page 34 - LJAi< 11 females. Costumes, picturesque ; scenery, varied. Plays a full evening. Drama in Five Acts. Nine males, five females. Costumes, modern ; scenery, varied. Plays a full evening. play in Five Acts, Thirteen males, three females. scenery varied ; costumes. Greek. Plays a full evening. IVfiftMAP mUVillAl\ CTITiDT Tragedy in Five Acts.
Page 31 - Price, 25 cents HIGBEE OF HARVARD A Comedy Drama in Three Acts by Charles Townsend. Five males, four females. Modern costumes ; scenes, two interiors and an exterior — the latter may be played as well in an interior, if preferred. Plays a full evening. A clever, up-to-date piece, well suited for amateur performance. No small parts; all good. Good plot, full of incident, no love.making, interest strong and sustained. Price, 15 cents HOW JIM MADE GOOD A Comedy Drama in Four Acts by Charles S.
Page 28 - Extra schoolboys and •visitors for acts two and three, ON THE QUIET A Comedy in Two Acts By Gladys Ruth Bridgham Twelve male characters. Costumes, modern ; scene, a single interior, Plays an hour and a half. A picturesque and exciting story of the...
Page 31 - This is a play of exceptional interest and power. Admirably suited for amateur performance, all the parts being good. Godfrey is an admirable heavy part, Joel, Lem and Simon capital character parts, Mis' Hazey a novel eccentric bit, and Oleander a part of screaming comedy.
Page 31 - THE VILLAGE SCHOOL MA'AM A Play in Three Acts by Arthur Lewis Tubbs. Six males, five females. Costumes, modern ; scenes, an interior and an exterior, or can be played in two interiors. Plays two hours or more. Combines a strong sympathetic interest with an abundance of comedy. The parts are unusually equal in opportunity, are vigorously drawn and easily actable. No dialect parts, but plenty of variety in the comedy roles and lots of amusing incident.
Page 30 - O'PHEE, a patient. THOMAS WROTTER, an ambitious youth. MRS. LANGWIDGE, his aunt, of British origin. MR. PERCY VEERING, an attorney. A LABORING MAN. Price, 15 cents TOO CLEVER BY HALF A Comedy in Three Acts By CA Pellanus Six males, two females. Costumes, modern; scenery, two interiors. flays an hour and a quarter. Very lively and funny ; intended for perIb
Page 34 - Acts. Thirteen males, three females. Scenery varied ; costumes, Greek. Plays a full evening. MAW STIIABT Tragedy in Five Acts. Thirteen males, four fe1UAIV1 OIUAAi males, and supernumeraries. Costumes, of the period ; scenery, varied and elaborate. Plays a full evening.

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