The Great Divide: A Play in Three Acts

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Macmillan, 1906 - American drama - 167 pages
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Page 164 - Ruth masters herself and goes on, her eyes shining, her face exalted. Tell me you know that if I could have followed you, and been your wife, without struggle and without bitterness, I would have done it. GHENT. Solemnly. YSV
Page 113 - Wait ! There is — something else. He returns to her, anxiously, and stands waiting. She goes on, touching the chain. It is n't only for my sake I ask you to take this off me, nor only for your sake. There is — another life — to think of. GHENT. Leaning to look into her averted face. Ruth ! — Is it true ? — Thank God ! RUTH.
Page 161 - Our law is joy, and selfishness; the curve of your shoulder and the light on your hair as you sit there says that as plain as preaching. —Does it gall you the way we came together? You asked me that night what brought...
Page 111 - You drove me before you like an animal from the market! (GHENT has seated himself again, elbows on knees and face in his hands. RUTH takes slowly from her bosom the nugget chain and holds it crumpled up in her palm. Her tone is quiet, almost matter-of-fact.) I have got back the chain again. GHENT (looks up). Chain?— What chain? RUTH (in the same tone, as she holds it up, letting it unwind). The one you bought me with. GHENT (dumbfounded).
Page 40 - How's that? Ruth. You must live, to pay for having spoiled your life. Ghent. Do you think it is spoiled? Ruth. Yes. Ghent. And how about your life? Ruth. I tried to do it. Ghent. To do what?
Page 162 - I'm thankful on my knees for all three! Does it rankle in your mind that I took you when I could get you, by main strength and fraud? I guess most good women are taken that way, if they only knew it. Don't you want to be paid for? I guess every wife is paid for in some good coin or other.
Page 113 - As you say, your price has risen. This is not enough. He throws the chain about her neck and draws her to him by it. You are mine, mine, do you hear? Now and forever! He starts toward the house. She holds out her hand blindly to detain him. RUTH. In a stifled -voice. Wait ! There is — something else.
Page 132 - Here on the one hand is the primitive, the barbaric woman, falling in love with a romantic stranger, who, like some old Viking on a harry, cuts her with his two-handed sword from the circle of her kinsmen, and bears her away on his dragon ship toward the midnight sun. Here on the other hand is the derived, the civilized woman, with a civilized nervous system, observing that the creature eats bacon with his bowie knife, knows not the manicure, has the conversation of a preoccupied walrus, the instincts...
Page 156 - Leave them alone— together! (They force PHILIP back to the door, where he stands glaring at GHENT.) PHILIP (to GHENT). My time will come. Meanwhile, hide behind the skirts of the woman whose life you have ruined and whose heart you have broken. Hide behind her. It is the coward's privilege. Take it. (PHILIP, with MRS. JORDAN still clinging to his arm, goes out, RUTH closing the door after them. She and GHENT confront each other in silence for a moment, across the width of the room.) RUTH. God forgive...
Page 138 - So is a volcano between eruptions. And commonplace, too, until you happen to get a glimpse down one of the old volcanic rifts in his surface, and see — far below — underneath the cold lava-beds — fire, fire, the molten heart of a continent ! MRS.

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