The Great News

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M. Kennerley, 1915 - Economic policy - 278 pages

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Page 227 - We have a law, and by our law He ought to die, because He made Himself the Son of Goda.' Their language would have been meaningless if they had understood by the ' Son of God ' nothing more than the ethical or theocratic Sonship of their own ancient kings and saints.
Page 275 - President and organize by the election qf officers, and adopt a plan of action for the effective organization of the States, counties, and localities of the United States for the economic distribution of the products of the farm...
Page 165 - We are returning to a state of barter in which money is merely the measure and language, not the actual medium, of exchange, and in which personal rights and duties take the place of cash.
Page 165 - ... this vertical trust organization — requiring larger and larger capital and credit, is inevitable. It is vital to the future of society, therefore, that the financial point of view become less and less exploitative and more and more creative. As an astute critic of our social system has said, " an adequate study of the modern political organ that has grown out of the ancient business of exchanging and storing money must soon be undertaken...
Page 46 - When that can be truly said of a man, the rest matters little. To him apply the words of Washington, which will never die : " Let us rear a standard to which the wise and the honest may repair. The event is in the hands of God.
Page 266 - this appears on the whole to be the right conception." 2 It is, in fact, broadly evident that it will be difficult to ascribe industrial structure to national spirit, if political structure is any index to that spirit. For, strange to say, it is in the great republic that economic despotism is represented by the Trust, and it is under a very strong 1 Ashley, Economic Surveys, p. 405 seq. ; Report of the 1902 British Commission, p. 11 ;cf. Marshall, Some Aspects of Competition, 1890 : " The individual...
Page 275 - December, 1914, p. 23. for the creation of a national marketing commission to be composed of twenty-nine members, fifteen of whom shall be farmers and fourteen of whom shall be selected with reference to their eminence in commerce, law, finance, and transportation...
Page 179 - States will eventually develop between property owners and the producers of wealth. A student of current economic conditions is led to the inevitable conclusion that there is only one economic contrast that can be made clear cut and definite — the contrast between service income and property Income; between income secured as a return for effort and income secured as a return for property ownership.
Page 66 - Since 1898 this sense of national uniqueness has been suspended. For the moment we have been content to think of ourselves as just one of "the great powers" — which is of course a claim far lower than that made by our fathers — amounting in fact to a temporary abandonment of their purpose and a threatened apostasy from their faith.
Page 91 - The political historian dates modern history from the rise of the middle classes in the fifteenth century. The psychical historian must date it from some point a little later than the middle of the nineteenth century, when the human reason and imagination, following the course long before taken by science, broke with all forms of scholasticism, of traditional authority, and of merely notional thinking.

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