The Health Resorts of Europe: A Medical Guide to the Mineral Springs, Climatic, Mountain, and Seaside Health Resorts, Milk, Whey, Grape, Earth, Mud, Sand and Air Cures of Europe

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D. Appleton, 1893 - Health resorts - 330 pages
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Page 87 - of Aix. English medical writers speaking of the use of mineral waters say that springs of the class of Aix have the advantage of being thermal, or hot, and act on the system by diluting the blood temporarily, and lowering the percentage of urates, and sodium salts. " This tends to retard uratic precipitation and gives the kidneys time to overtake their arrears in the task of eliminating uric acid.
Page xiv - Dr. Linn has here brought together more of the necessary data than can be found in any other English book of so small a compass ; and the reader who begins by studying its pages, and acts in conformity with
Page 90 - The patient is placed on a wooden stool, and the attendants pour the water over the body from a hose while, at the same time, they shampoo, knead and rub according to the directions given by the physician who accompanies the patient to the douche the first time to give instructions as to temperature, force, duration and pressure on particular parts. This
Page 96 - have been retained in the organism. It also relieves at the same time, any congestion of the deeper parts or organs, while giving a stimulus to the circulation in general. To this must be added the effects of the mineral elements in the waters taken into the system and blood, both by drinking
Page 89 - elsewhere in the world. The men and women who perform it have had their art handed down to them for many years, as their fathers and mothers have been " masseurs" or "masseuses" before them. The Aix waters have an unctuous quality which makes them particularly adapted to rubbing and kneading the
Page xiii - what was needed was a manual, written with scientific knowledge and authority, which should serve both the practising physician and the patient.
Page ix - Are not Abana and Pharpar better than all the waters of Israel
Page 97 - powerful massage douches without advice, as harm can result from an injudicious use of them. Some people insist on the Masseurs giving them a vigorous treatment when they have no proper power of reaction, so that they simply exhaust
Page xii - tourists Dr. Linn's book will prove the most serviceable guide that has yet appeared. He is familiar with his

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