The High Priestess

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C. Scribner, 1915 - Marriage - 530 pages
"A wife returns to her career as architect and brings an attractive younger woman into her house as manager, with predictable results to her marriage." Cf. Hanna, A. Mirror for the nation.

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Page 196 - sauce for the goose was sauce for the gander,' — but the car-driver was not such a gander as we, like geese, took him for.
Page 307 - Man's love is of his life a thing apart, 'Tis woman's whole existence...
Page 458 - ISLANDS CALLED MALE AND FEMALE. Speaking of the fabulous countries of women, Chau Ju-kwa, p. 151, writes : "The women of this country [to the south-east (beyond Sha-hua kung?) Malaysia] conceive by exposing themselves naked to the full force of the south wind, and so give birth to female children." " In the Western Sea there is also a country of women where only three females go to every five males ; the country is governed by a queen, and all the civil offices are in the hands of women, whereas...
Page 113 - And still he gazed and still the wonder grew That one small head could carry all (she) knew...
Page 204 - ... after breakfast, that he might not lose two days' racing, she condescended to explain. " My dear," said she, in the tone of good-humoured indifference to which she had gradually accustomed him, " gentlemen cannot understand these things, but I don't mind telling you. I am like Mrs. John Gilpin — For though on pleasure she was bent, She had a frugal mind.
Page 467 - Tis two or three, my lord, that bring you word, Macduff is fled to England. Macb. Fled to England ? Len. Ay, my good lord. ЖасЪ. Time, thou anticipat'st* my dread exploits : The nighty purpose never is o'ertook, Unless the deed go with it : From this moment, The very firstlings of my heart shall be The firstlings of my hand. And even now To crown my thoughts with acts, be it thought and done : The castle of Macduff I will surprise ; Seize upon Fife ; give to the edge o...
Page 481 - When he reached the street he did not know whether to be glad or sorry that he had exercised self-restraint.
Page 332 - The common law regards the father as the natural guardian of his children, and recognizes his right to their custody. Formerly his right was held to be so much superior to that of the mother that when she had separated herself from him on the alleged ground of ill treatment, and taken with her their infant child, then at the breast, it was brought into court on habeas corpus and delivered to the father, though he was an alien, or was living in illicit intercourse with another woman, unless she could...
Page 111 - Oichi aspired to be the equal of the master roof tiler whom everyone called "the Clam ." No doubt he — just as much as she — was looking forward to the day when he would be able to say to her, "My, you've outdone yourself, haven't you?
Page 304 - You ridiculed his friends, you scorned his tastes, ignored his politics (his soul's vision) all in the name of your superior wisdom, and — like a man — he turned to me for consolation.

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