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Pagina 122 - Greenvil; who was indeed an excellent person, whose activity, interest, and reputation, was the foundation of what had been done in Cornwall ; and his temper and affections so public, that no accident which happened could make any impressions in him ; and his example kept others from taking any thing ill, or at least seeming to do so. In a word, a brighter courage, and a gentler disposition, were never married together to make the most cheerful and innocent conversation.
Pagina 15 - Brutus ! there lies beyond the Gallic bounds An island which the western sea surrounds, By giants once possessed; now few remain To bar thy entrance, or obstruct thy reign. To reach that happy shore thy sails employ; There fate decrees to raise a second Troy, And found an empire in thy royal line, Which time shall ne'er destroy, nor bounds confine.
Pagina 97 - The amusement of bathing is immediately succeeded by a general assembly of people at the Pump-house, some for pleasure, and some to drink the hot waters. Three glasses, at three different times, is the usual portion for every drinker ; and the intervals between every glass are enlivened by the harmony of a small band of music, as well as by the conversation of the gay, the witty, or the forward.
Pagina 102 - That no gentleman or lady takes it ill that another dances before them; - except such as have no pretence to dance at all.
Pagina 108 - The present play-house, or rather play-room, is so small and incommodious, that 'tis almost impossible to have things better done in it than they are. The profits arising from the performance, as now conducted, will not support a larger or better company of actors : And nothing can be more disagreeable, than for persons of the first quality and those of the lowest rank, to be seated on the same bench together ; which must be the case here, if the former will honour, and the latter have an inclination...
Pagina 97 - ... who attends presents her with a little floating dish like a basin ; into which the lady puts a handkerchief, a snuff-box, and a nosegay. She then traverses the bath ; if a novice, with a guide ; if otherwise, by herself; and having amused herself thus while she thinks proper, calls for her chair, and returns to her lodgings.
Pagina 122 - That which would have clouded any victory, and made the loss of others less spoken of...
Pagina 54 - Cold are those hands, which, living, were stretched forth At friendship's call to succour modest worth. Here lies James Quin ! deign reader to be taught (Whate'er thy strength of body, force of thought, In nature's happiest mould however cast), To this complexion thou must come at last.
Pagina 41 - Kelston, and returned thanks for my being chosen to serve in parliament to my father, in name of all the citizens. My father gave me good advice, touching my speaking in parliament as the city should direct me. Came home late at night from Bathe, much troubled hereat concerning my proceeding truly for mens good report and mine own safety.
Pagina 51 - ... turrets are three tiers of statues, standing on pedestals, and finishing with pinnacled canopies ; they represent the twelve apostles, among which St. John and St. Andrew are conspicuous. The third divisions are filled with compartments, as are the battlements to them, and finish with open spires. The west window is of extreme richness ; it consists of two sub-arches, and a large division between them, each sub-arch having three divisions, which are likewise seen in the heads of the sub-arches...

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