The History of Java, Volume 2

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Black, Parbury, and Allen, Booksellers to the Hon. East-India Company ... and John Murray, 1817 - Agriculture
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The way the Hindu god is depicted is really bad. It is nothing but, insulting the hindu religion.

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Page cclii - Of this actual proprietary right, there can be no doubt that it originally [was] vested solely in the sovereign; but it is equally certain, that the first clearers of the land entitled themselves, as their just reward, to such a real property in the ground they thus in a manner created, that whilst a...
Page 87 - Toultecs introduced the cultivation of maize and cotton; they built cities, made roads, and constructed those great pyramids which are yet admired, and of which the faces are very accurately laid out. They knew the use of hieroglyphical paintings ; they could found metals, and cut the hardest stones ; and they had a solar year more perfect than that of the Greeks and Romans.
Page ccxxxvi - Bali may be considered, therefore, as a kind of commentary on the ancient condition of the natives of Java. Hinduism has here severed society into castes; it has introduced its divinities; it has extended its...
Page ccxxxvi - Bali, therefore, may be considered as a kind of commentary on the ancient condition of the natives of Java. Hinduism has here severed society into castes; it has introduced its divinities ; it has extended its ceremonies into most of the transactions of life; it has enjoined or recommended some of its severest sacrifices, such as the burning of a widow on the funeral pile of her husband : but yet the individual retains all the native manliness of his character, and all the fire of the savage state.
Page cclvii - It is not enough ,' he wrote, ' that the Government lay down the principles of a benevolent system. ... It is with the Collectors that the application of those principles is entrusted, and to their temper, assiduity, judgment, and integrity that the people have to look for the enjoyment of the blessings which it is intended to bestow on them.
Page ccxxxv - The forehead rises higher, and the hindhead is not so much cut off. The nose projects more from the face. The upper lip is longer and more prominent. The lower lip projects forward from the lower jaw to such an extent that the chin forms no part of the face, the lower part of which is formed by the mouth. The buttocks are so much lower...
Page cclii - The nature of landed tenure throughout the Island is now thoroughly understood. Generally speaking, no proprietary right in the soil is vested in any, between the actual cultivator and the sovereign; the intermediate classes, who may have at any time enjoyed the revenues of villages or districts, being deemed merely the executive officers of Government, who received those revenues only from the gift of their lord, and who depended on his will alone for their tenure.
Page xlix - Government does not require the articles of a capitulation to impose those duties which are prompted by a sense of justice and a beneficent disposition. The people of Java are exhorted to consider their new connection with England as founded in principles of mutual advantage, and to be conducted in a spirit of kindness and affection.
Page xxiv - The discovery of the abundant mines of America reduced, in the sixteenth century, the value of gold and silver in Europe to about a third of what it had been before.
Page 15 - SIR COUNT, — Pursuant to the arguments I maintained in your house two mornings ago, the playbill published yesterday entitles me to say that in the whole course of my life I have never met with hypocrisy and imposture equal to yours ; and the playbill published this morning proclaims you on the face of it to be no gentleman and a liar. " Go on, I pray. Satiate your vengeance — vengeance begotten by an amorous passion, in part concealed from the public gaze, possibly not credited by some...

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