The History of Life Insurance in the United States to 1870: With an Introduction to Its Development Abroad

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University of Pennsylvaia, 1920 - Insurance, Life - 160 pages

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Page 98 - It shall be lawful for any married woman, by herself, and in her name, or in the name of any third person, with his assent, as her trustee, to cause to be insured, for her sole use, the life of her husband...
Page 89 - ... the investment of its funds, the safety and prudence of its management, the security afforded to those by whom its engagements are held, and whether the requirements of its charter and of law have been complied with in the administration of its affairs ; and as to such other matters as the- superintendent may prescribe.
Page 55 - The Corporation for the Relief of Poor and Distressed Presbyterian Ministers, and of the Poor and Distressed Widows and Children of Presbyterian Ministers.
Page 62 - ... but if there be more than one child and no widow, the annuity shall be equally divided among them till they severally marry or exceed the age of annuitants, which annuity shall be laid out in their education or apprenticeship, with the advice of such guardians or executors as the father may have nominated ; and if none such shall have been nominated by the father, then in such manner for the benefit of the child or children as the Corporation shall direct.
Page 60 - Charter of the Corporation for the Relief of the Widows and Children of Clergymen in the Communion of the Church of England, in America...
Page 72 - Table showing the probability of the duration, the decrement and the expectation of life In the States of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, formed from 62 bills of mortality on the files of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in the year 1789.
Page 98 - ... assent, as her trustee, to cause to be insured, for her sole use, the life of her husband for any definite period, or for the term of his natural life; and in case of her surviving her husband, the sum or net amount of the insurance becoming due and payable, by the terms of the insurance, shall be payable to her, to and for her own use, free from the claims of the representatives of her husband, or of any of his creditors; but such exemption shall not apply where the amount of premium annually...
Page 80 - That in case the said [assured] shall not pay the said premium on or before the several days hereinbefore mentioned for the payment thereof, then and in every such case the said company shall not be liable to the payment of the sum insured, or in any part thereof, and this policy shall cease and determine.
Page 10 - We should define insurance, then, as that social device for making accumulations to meet uncertain losses of capital which is carried out through the transfer of the risks of many individuals to one person or to a group of persons.
Page 157 - The result was that after I had collated the experience of the Mutual Life I drew a curve representing the approximate rates of mortality at different ages; and then found by a simple method of adjustment the rates of mortality now called 'The American Experience Table' — a name, however, that was not given by me. The table has for its basis the experience of the Mutual Life; but it is not an accurate representation of that individual company.

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