The History of the New Testament Canon in the Syrian Church

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University of Chicago Press, 1900 - Bible - 69 pages

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Page 26 - magnus si quidem hie in nostris codicibus error inolevit, dum quod in eadem re alius evangelista plus dixit, in alio, quia minus putaverint, addiderunt. Vel dum eundem sensum alius aliter expressit, ille qui unum e quattuor primum legerat, ad eius exemplum ceteros quoque aestimaverit emendandos.
Page 66 - Lord was bom of the seed of David according to the flesh. And not only did the members of his sect make use of this work, but even those that follow the apostolic doctrine, not perceiving the mischief of the composition, but using the book too simply as an abridgment. And I myself found more than two hundred such books held in respect in the churches of our parts ; and I collected and put them all away and put the gospels of the four evangelists in their place.
Page 50 - and the Gospel, which ye read every day before the people, and the ' Epistles of Paul, which Simon Peter sent us from the city of Rome, and ' the Acts of the twelve Apostles, which John the son of Zebedee sent ' us from Ephesus, these books read ye in the Church of God, and with ' these read not others
Page 21 - Jacob begat Joseph : Joseph to whom was betrothed Mary the Virgin begat Jesus who was called Christ.
Page 50 - But the law, and the prophets, and the gospel, which ye read every day before the people, and the epistles of Paul, which Simon Peter sent us from the city of Rome, and the Acts of the twelve apostles, which John, the son of Zebedee, sent us from Ephesus...
Page 26 - ... accidit ut apud nos mixta sunt omnia et in Marco plura Lucae, atque Mathaei rursum in Mathaeo plura Joannis et Marci, et in caeteris reliquorum quae aliis propria sunt inveniantur. Et enfin dans sa Preface sur les Pseaumes voici ce qu'il en dit Ó Paule et Ó Eustochium. Etant ci-devant Ó Rome je commenšai Ó corriger ce livre sur la version des Septantes, et j'en...
Page 66 - David after the flesh. This work was in use not only among persons belonging to his sect, but also among those who follow the apostolic doctrine, as they did not perceive the mischief of the composition, but used the book in all...
Page 62 - Victor, is said to have excommunicated him from the church, whether this took place at the end of the second or at the beginning of the third century...
Page 66 - Let the presbyters and deacons have a care that in all the churches there be provided and read a copy of the distinct Gospel.
Page 62 - Apollinarian sense. The mention of Holy Scripture must be noticed: "They read in the Old Testament and the New, and the Prophets, and the Acts of the Apostles, every day they meditated on them"; "a large number of people assembled day by day and came to the prayer of the service, and to [the reading] of the Old and New Testament, of the Diatessaron...

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