The history of the late 63rd, West Suffolk, regiment

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Army and Navy Co-operative Society, Limited, 1884 - 263 pages

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Page 116 - Let Mrs. Herbert also know that I wish Miss Nightingale and the ladies would tell these poor, noble wounded and sick men that no one takes a warmer interest or feels more for their sufferings or admires their courage and heroism more than their Queen. Day and night she thinks of her beloved troops. So does the Prince. Beg Mrs. Herbert to communicate these my words to those ladies, as I know that our sympathy is much valued by these noble fellows.
Page 51 - It is ordered by His Royal Highness the Prince Re-gent, in the name and on the behalf of His Majesty...
Page 155 - Their heroic valour, and equally heroic patience under sufferings and privations, have given them claims upon their country which will doubtless be gratefully acknowledged. Your Committee will now close their Report with a hope that every British army may in future display the valour which this noble army has displayed, and that none may hereafter be exposed to such sufferings as are recorded in these pages.
Page 3 - I trust, will give my parliament entire satisfaction. Preliminary articles have been signed by my minister, with those of France and Spain, which I will order in due time to be laid before you.
Page 241 - Kertch (Medal with three Clasps, Brevet Major, Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and 5th Class of the Medjidie).
Page 119 - In addition to the medal and clasps ordered for these successes, the Queen, as a mark of Her Majesty's recognition of the meritorious services of the non-commissioned officers serving in the Crimea, directed that one sergeant should be selected from each regiment of cavalry, guards, and infantry, serving under Lord Raglan, for promotion to a commission, to be dated 5th. November, 1854. The thanks of the House of Lords and Commons were given for these services, and the same...
Page 51 - Dragoons (Lancers) being permitted to bear on its Colours and Appointments, in addition to any...
Page 76 - The conduct of the troops has been admirable. When it is considered that they have suffered severely from sickness during the last two months; that since they landed in the Crimea, they have been exposed to the extremes of wet, cold, and heat; that the daily toil to provide themselves with water has been excessive...
Page 155 - The patience and fortitude of the army demand the admiration and gratitude of the nation on whose behalf they have fought, bled, and suffered. Their heroic valour and equally heroic patience under sufferings and privations have given them claims on the country which will doubtless be gratefully acknowledged.
Page 12 - I since learn a brigade on each flank) were recalled, as I had suspected, at the beginning of the action. It would be sufficient honour to the troops, barely to say, that they had forced a corps, as I am informed of near 12,000 men, from two strong positions; but it will, I doubt not, be considered as doubly creditable when I mention that they did it under such disadvantages of heat and fatigue, that a great part of those we lost fell dead as they advanced, without a wound.

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