The history of the revolutions that happened in the government of the Roman republic, English'd by mr. Ozell and others

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Page 26 - Dark, climbedlup from Rock to Rock, and with much Difficulty, and more Danger, advanced by Degrees, lending each other a Hand, till they arrived at the Foot of the Wall, which on that Side was built very low, becaufe fo craggy a Place feem'd fafe from all Attacks. The Centinel was afleep, and the Gauls began to fcale the Rampart, when fome Geefe confecrated to -Juno, and which, out of a Principle of Religion, were kept as Sacred Birds, awaked at the Noife the Gauls made, and fell to Cackling. M....
Page 23 - Curioiity touch'd the Beard of one of the old Senators, that generous old Man, not being us'd to fuch Familiarity, gave him a Blow on the Head with his Ivory Stick. The Soldier, in Revenge, immediately killed him ; and at the fame Time, the other old Men and the Priefts were flaughterd like him in their Chairs.
Page 32 - Terror 5 they now think no more of Conqueft $ their whole Study is how to avoid being conquered themfelves ; they intrench themfelves in their Camp, which they fortify with a ftrong Pallifade of Stakes, and by felling great Rows of Trees, which they lay before it.
Page 92 - Conftancy, nothing was able to deter him. He firft applied to his Colleague : He conjured him by the mutual Duties of their Function, and by the Bonds of an ancient Friendfhip, not to oppofe. the good of the People, whofe Magiftrates and Patrons they were obliged to be ; and to bring him over, he...
Page 389 - England, only to be insulted and disgraced : the command of the army was taken from him and given to the duke of Ormond.
Page 241 - We have no reason to suppose that it became common among the Jews till their wars with the Romans, when multitudes slaughtered themselves, that they might not fall alive into the hands of their enemies. But, at this period, the Jews were a most desperate and abandoned race of men, had corrupted the religion of their fathers, and rejected that pure system which their promised Messiah came to Jerusalem to announce.
Page 8 - Virginia to leave his Army under the Command of his Lieutenants, and repair immediately to Rome, to anfwer to the Complaints which his Colleague preferred againft him. The Difpute was managed with great Acrimony, and the Two Military Tribunes ran into Invectives againft each other.
Page 27 - Brewing who befieged the Capitol, was befieged himfelf, and fuffered the fame Inconveniences that he gave the Befieged. In this common Mifery the Centinels of the Capitol, and thofe of the Enemy's Army, began to talk to one another of an Accommodation. Thefe Difcourfes came by degrees to the Leaders; who were not averfe to it. The Senate, who had. heard nothing of Camillas, finre they had named him Dictator, and who found themfelves clofe prefled by Hunger, refolved to enter upon a Negotiation.
Page 21 - They advanc'd boldly againft the Gauls, whom they met near the River Allia, Half a Day's Journey from Rome. Each Nation immediately drew up its Army. The Romans, that they might not be furrounded by the Enemy, extended their Wings, and placed their beft Soldiers on the Right and Left, which weaken'd the Centre. It was againft this Part that the Gauls bent their chief Forces : They foon pierced and broke the Cohorts of which it coJififted.
Page 16 - Cods, mould themfelves compute the Value of their Booty, and bring the Tenth Part of that Value to the Queftors, in order to make an Offering worthy of the Piety and Majefty of the Roman People. This Contribution, exacted at a wrong Time, irritated the People againft Camilhs. Their Tribunes greedily feiz'd this Occafion of falling upon him.

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