The honest house: presenting examples of the usual problems which face the home-builder, together with an exposition of the simple architectural principles which underlie them: arranged especially in reference to small house design

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Page 22 - It was such a motive that made of the Colonial carpenter a thinking being, that added some ability at drawing to his skill to construct. His dividers laboriously transcribed the proportions of Vitruvius, Serlio and Scamozzi from the albums of classic forms. A few old English works on architecture were also his companions. One of the most valued of these was Batty Langley's " Builder's Director or Bench-Mate," which the title-page announced as " a pocket treasury of the Greek, Roman, and Gothic Orders...
Page 198 - The Oriental lacquer furniture and the Occidental painted furniture are not friendly, just as oak and mahogany are usually unfriendly, but any one of the decorated woods may be combined with any one of the stained and waxed woods if the selection is made carefully.
Page 198 - If, however, you have a few pieces of furniture that you love too much to give up, and you have to search and search for every new thing you buy so that it will be friendly with the old things, your house will be a much pleasanter place to live in.
Page 194 - Windows that go all the way to the floor of course should have glass curtains that barely cover the glass and side curtains that just escape the floor. French windows...
Page 180 - WThite may be softened and mellowed by mixing a little yellow with it, and it becomes cream or ivory or buff, suave and aristocratic. But dead white walls are never pleasant.
Page 194 - The curtains may hang in straight folds, or may be pushed to the sides by day. If they are made of net, it will not be necessary to push them aside, for net is thin enough to see through. Ruffled curtains, crossed and looped back, often appeal to us just because of their cleanly, fresh appearance, but plain ones are nicer. Ruffles...
Page 198 - You can associate furniture of each of the first four classes pleasantly in one room, if the design and color are in harmony.
Page 195 - Casement windows are often treated in the same way. Small casements may have short sash curtains, loose at the bottom.

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