The Human Boy

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Page 32 - Six dried herrings, two pots veal and ham paste, one pot marmalade. (Herrings useless, unless eaten raw.) 'West.— Four bottles raspberry vinegar. (I am West, and I thought raspberry vinegar would be a jolly good thing to break the monotony of a siege. But Bradwell said it was simply a luxury.) Morrant.— One hamper containing twenty-four apples, twenty-seven pears, two pots blackberry jam. (Morrant has no pocket-money, but Bradwell said the fruit was good for a change.) Gideon.— Nothing. (Gideon...
Page 32 - MAJOR. — Ten tins sardines. (Ashby has five shillings a week pocket-money, his father being rather rich. Bradwell said it was rather a pity he spent it all in sardines.) ASHBY MINOR. — Three pats of butter, three tins Swiss milk, one tin Guava jelly. (Bradwell was awfully pleased about the milk, because he said it was at once nourishing and pleasant to the taste.) WILSON. — Six dried herrings, two pots veal and ham paste, one pot marmalade. (Herrings useless, unless eaten raw.) WEST. — Four...
Page 34 - ... and thirteen currant-buns with saffron in them. Forrest.— Four pots Bovril, one bottle cider. (Bovril can be taken on bread like treacle, and once saved the lives of several shipwrecked sailors.) "Watson Minor.— One pound dog biscuits, one pound dried figs, one box dates, one tin of shrimp paste. (Asked why he took dog biscuits, he explained It was because he had seen an advertisement about the goodness of them. It said they had dried buffalo meat in them, which was a thing you could live...
Page 53 - ... the fern, while I waited motionless, and finally he shot a young one. I wanted to take it back and get cook to do it for us, but he said I was a fool. " If you want any you must have it now. It's about the time I take a meal," he said, " and that's a part of my ranging and hunting you haven't seen yet.
Page 50 - ... banks of a stream, or some such secret place, and brew a cup and drink it, and feel the better for it. Lastly, Freckles had a flat lead mask with holes for the eyes and mouth, which he always fitted on when trespassing. He said it was copied from the helmet Ned Kelly, the King of the Bushrangers, used to wear, but it was not bullet-proof, but only used 50 for a disguise.
Page 168 - I'm going to hang myself, as every convenience for hanging is here." Mind you, he would have done it. Knowing Tomkins as I do, and his great ingeniousness, I don't mind swearing that he would have been a hung chap in another minute. So I told him ; but, though doubtful, he decided to put it off, anyway.
Page 147 - I was the boy he had seen beating down the price of a dormouse at Wilkinson's in Merivale, and I said I was. Then he said, ' Come in and have a bit of cake, boy ' ; and I went in and had a bit of cake, and saw on a shelf in his room about fifty or sixty cricket-balls, and various things which he has collared when they went over. He asked me a lot of questions about different things, and I answered them. All he said was about money. He also asked me to be good enough to value the things he had, which...
Page 141 - ... great interest he unscrewed one of his two top front teeth and gave it to his second. You couldn't have told it was a sham, so remarkably was it done, and it screwed on to the foundation of the original tooth much like a spike screws into the sole of a cricketboot. Gideon had fallen down-stairs when he was ten and knocked off half the tooth, so he told us ; but Murray, who is well up in science, said that all Jews...
Page 50 - ... own, if it was true ; and in the belt a place had been specially made for a knife. Freckles, of course, had a knife in it — a " bowie " knife that made you cold to see. He never used it, but kept it ready, and said if a keeper ever caught him he possibly might have to. In addition to these things he carried in his coat -pockets a little spiritlamp and a collapsible tin pot and a bag of tea.
Page 56 - ... said that Frenchy was like damp fireworks, because you never knew exactly when he'd go off or how. One day, dashing out of class with a frightful yell, Freckles got sent for, and went back and found Monsieur raving mad. It seemed that Freckles had yelled too soon — before he was out of the class-room, in fact, and Frenchy had got palpitation of the heart from it. He let into Freckles properly then. He said he was his

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