The Human Hair: Its Care and Preservation: A Book for Men and Women, Including Chapters on the Influence of the Health on the Hair, the Arrangement and Care of Ladies' Hair, Hair Dyeing and Bleaching, and the Removal of Superfluous Hairs

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Page 59 - ... is in the same sense inclined towards the surface ; and the " set" of the hair, from the root to the point, is governed by a law as precise as that which regulates any other of the secondary vital functions. Thus, on the head, the hair radiates from a single point,* the crown, to every part of the circumference, making a gentle sweep, behind, towards the left, and in front, to the right. The direction of this sweep is naturally indicated on the heads of children, and is that in which the hair...
Page 24 - The hair covers all portions of the body except the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet, and the back part of the last joint of the fingers and toes.
Page 212 - God and turn to created objects, and that in a greater or less degree according to the strength of the act: and if, when I am turned towards the creature, I would return to God, I must necessarily form an act for that purpose; and the more perfect this act is, the more complete is the conversion.
Page 37 - ... observe the phenomenon. When the parish church of Turvey, Beds, was undergoing restoration in 1854, a large stone was raised which some three hundred years ago had been placed over the remains of the Lady Johanna, wife of the second Lord Mordaunt. Her remains appeared in a shroud of yellow silk, which retained its color and firmness. Her dark auburn hair had grown so much after death as to fill up the space around, and form a mould for the head (
Page 37 - It has been repeatedly shown that cancer in various forms may be transmitted from one person to another, or from one part of the body to another in the same person, by inoculation.
Page 47 - ... Samples of such water are carefully and frequently analyzed, to make sure that it is not polluted with disease germs. The hardness of water depends upon the amount of salts of lime and magnesia which it contains.
Page 24 - ... shekels ; according to Geddes 112 ounces. Hair Intermediate. — Oken observes that the hair formation forms the connective link between animal and vegetable tissue. His words are: "The fur is the peripheral connection between the plant and the animal. The hair forms the summit of the vegetables. As the plant requires air and light, in the animal kingdom the hair appears where it is most exposed to those elements, namely, on the surface. It is not a little remarkable that those mammals which...
Page 35 - ... 150,000 hairs on her head, a black-haired belle has only from 100 to 110,000, while a red-haired one has only about 20,000 hairs on her head. The hair possesses great power of resistance, and is capable of supporting a greater weight in proportion to its volume than most of the fibrous substances. Weber says that a hair ten inches long is capable of being extended one-third of its length, and this elasticity is so great that after being elongated it recoils, and is but -j^ longer than it was...
Page 63 - The practice of pressing on the edge of a razor in stropping it soon rounds the edge; the pressure should be directed to the back, which should never be raised from the strop. If you shave from heel to point of...
Page 32 - German physician who has given much study to the hair, says the period of hair growth on the human head is from two to six...

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