The Hygiene of the Soldier in the Tropics

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Hudson-Kimberly publishing Company, 1899 - Armies, Colonial - 211 pages

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Page 218 - Extracts from an Infantry Captain's Journal on the Trial of a Method for Effectively Training a Company in Skirmishing and Outpost Duty. By Major von Arnim of Hohenzollern Fusilier Regiment No.
Page 214 - Dickman's Field Holder, with blanks for Road and Position Sketching on Practice Marches, Advance and Rear Guard Duty. Outposts, Relay Lines, and with Instructions for the Men in the Duties of Orderlies and Messengers. Price, 75c; additional Books or Fillers, 25c. The Conduct of War. By Lient.-General von der Goltz, Prussian Army.
Page 215 - The War Game Simplified, after the method of General Verdy du Vernois. Designed for the use of beginners as well as advanced study of the Military Art. Published with full-sized Maps and complete apparatus for conducting an exercise of the Three Arms Combined. The translation and arrangement are the work of Captain Eben Swift, Fifth Cavalry, formerly in charge of the conduct of the War Game at the United States Infantry and Cavalry School. Price, $5.00.
Page 215 - Infantry and Cavalry School. Price, $5.00. Infantry Fire; Its Use in Battle. By Jos. B. Batchelor, Jr., First Lieutenant Twenty-fourth United States Infantry. Handsomely bound in leather and complete with tables and illustrations. Sent post-paid upon receipt of price, $2.00. Notes on the Supply of an Army During Active Operations. By O.
Page 213 - Sent postpaid on receipt of $3.00. Questions. This pamphlet comprises Appendix III. of Organization and Tactics (second edition), and has been prepared in compliance with the desire expressed by many officers for a list of questions detached from the volume in convenient form for use in preparing for examination. 24-page pamphlet. Sent postpaid on rece'pt of price, 25c. The Service of Security and Information. Revised, Enlarged, and with New Illustrations. By Lieut.-Colonel Arthur L. Wagner, Assistant...
Page 214 - Army; late Instructor in Art of War at the US Infantry and Cavalry School, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. This book is a careful abridgment, in tbe form of questions and answers of Lieut. Colonel Wagner's "Service of Security and Information...
Page 215 - Full blue cloth, $2.00. Translated by Capt. JT Dickman, USA A Field Message Book, for the use of Signalists and Army Officers in the field. Designed by Major Howard A. Giddings, Brigade Signal Officer Connecticut National Guard. Cipher disk, pencil, blanks, transfer sheets, and filing pockets, all in a compact water-proof cover. Complete, 75 blanks in pad, compressed-lead pencil. Sent post-paid to any address upon receipt of price, $1.00. Extra pads, 25 cents. The War Game Simplified, after the method...
Page 214 - Information," which has been officially sanctioned by the War Department as a standard in the examination of officers of the Regular Army for promotion. One volume, 16mo, cloth, ten illustrative diagrams. Sent postpaid on receipt of 50 cents. The Campaign of Koniggratz. A study of the Anstro-Prussian conflict in the light of the American Civil War. By Lieut.-Col. Arthur L. Wagner. 1 vol., I6mo, with all is of maps illustrating the theatre of operations and th" positions of the opposing armies from...
Page 216 - Catechismal Edition of the Infantry Drill Regulations, United States Army. Extended Order. General Principles; Leading the Squad; The Squad; The Platoon; The Company; The Battalion; The Regiment; The Brigade in Battle. Prepared by Major Wm. F. Spurgin, 23d Infantry. Price, tag-board cover, 25c; blue cloth, 50c. The Automatic Instructor. A practical system for home study, adapted for the use of officers in preparing for examination. By Capt. GW Read, USA Blue cloth, 75c. Regimental Recruiting. By...

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