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Page 91 - ... near, Though nought of their design Could mar, I know, that perfect heart of thine. But I would rather thou shouldst be Where art and nature vie To make thy life a joy to thee ; Where earth and sea and sky Speak to thy soul of immortality. GOOD MORNING AND GOOD NIGHT. A CHILD'S RHYME. GOOD-DAY, my Guardian Angel ! The night is past and gone, And thou hast watched beside me, at midnight as at dawn. Another day 's before me ; and, while it steals away, Ah ! help me well to make it a holy, happy...
Page 41 - JESUS, teach me how to pray, Suffer not my thoughts to stray, Send distractions far away, Sweet, holy Child. Let me not be rude or wild, Make me humble, meek and mild, Pure as angels undefiled Sweet, holy Child. When I work, or when I play, Be Thou with me through the day, Teach me what to do and say, Sweet, holy Child.
Page 86 - I pledge allegiance to my flag and to the republic for which it stands. One nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all.
Page 58 - Holy Mary, Mother mild, 0 sweet, sweet Mother! Hear, 0 hear, thy feeble child, 0 sweet, sweet Mother...

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