The illustrated toilet of fashion, or, Annals of costume, from the earliest period to the present time

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Booth & Foster, 1850 - Art - 64 pages

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Page 54 - Now this was the manner in former time in Israel concerning redeeming and concerning changing, for to confirm all things ; a man plucked off his shoe, and gave it to his neighbour : and this was a testimony in Israel.
Page 60 - Mountague, and asked her where she had them, and if she could help her to any more, who answered, saying, ' I made them very carefully of purpose only for your majestie, and seeing these please you so well, I will presently set more in hand.
Page 44 - ... waist. The court-dress of the nobility is very becoming ; it is formed of a long robe, either of flowered satin or velvet, reaching to the 'ankles, with an open collar and loose sleeves. Over this there is a scarf, or flowing mantle, that hangs from the shoulders ; and on their heads they wear high caps made of velvet, or silk embroidered with flowers, according to the rank of the wearer. Ear-rings are an indispensable part of the attire. Some of them are made of gold tubes about three inches...
Page 58 - Chronicle, adds that Henry VIII. never wore any hose but such as were made of cloth. In an inventory of his apparel, however, preserved in the Harleian Library, we find mention of several pair of silk hose — one short pair of black silk and gold woven together...
Page 58 - ... apparel, however, preserved in the Harleian Library, we find mention of several pair of silk hose ; one short pair of black silk and gold woven together, one of purple silk and Venice gold, woven like unto a cawl (ie of open or network), lined with blue silver sarcenet, edged with a passemain (lace) of purple silk and gold, wrought at Milan ; a pair of white silk and gold hose, knit, and six pair of black silk hose, knit ; and in one still earlier, taken in the eighth year of his reign, we find...
Page 62 - ... false sleeves of tiffany, girt with a bracelet or two, with knots of points richly tagged about their shoulders and other places of their body, which they usually cover with a kind of yellow vaile of lawn very transparent.
Page 60 - anatomiser of abuses," dechores that "they have corked shoes, puisnets, pantofles, and slippers ; some of them of black velvet, some of white, some of green, and some of yellow ; some of Spanish leather, and some of English ; stitched with silk, and embroidered with gold and silver all over the foot : with other gewgaws innumerable.
Page 48 - They have coloured trousers, tighter than those of the other sex, and a small cap of bright-coloured silk embroidered with gold thread, which comes down to the forehead or the ears, and a large sheet, either of plain...
Page 52 - ... abroad, they wore a mantle or cloak. Different vocations and degrees of people among the Jews were, however, differently apparelled ; and when the luxuries of the East Indies, such as silk, came among them, they were not backward in using them for the adorning of their persons. It is said that they wore hats, though the shape of this covering for the head is never mentioned. Their legs were generally bare, and on their feet they wore sandals, and in winter, shoes, frequently made of the badger's...
Page 58 - Hose or stockings of silk are generally supposed to have been unknown in this country before the middle of the sixteenth century; and a pair of long Spanish silk hose was presented as a gift worthy the acceptance of a monarch by Sir Thomas Gresham to Edward VI. ; and Howe, the continuator of Stow's Chronicle, adds, that Henry VIII.

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