The Immortal: To which is Added The Struggle for Life

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Little, Brown, 1900 - 453 pages

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Page 42 - Plus me plaît le séjour qu'ont bâti mes aïeux Que des palais romains le front audacieux ; Plus que le marbre dur me plaît l'ardoise fine, Plus mon Loire gaulois que le Tibre latin, Plus mon petit Lire que le mont Palatin, Et plus que l'air marin la douceur angevine.
Page 257 - Under the Restoration we turned out eleven members for purely political reasons." The patriarch clenched his statement with a movement of the head which evoked the testimony of his contemporaries of that period, white busts with empty eyes, arranged on pedestals around the room. " Eleven, bigre ! " muttered Danjou, amid a profound silence. And Laniboire, always cynical, observed: "All organized bodies are cowardly; it's the law of nature; we must live.
Page 278 - His wife? Yes, his wife, watching for him, waiting for him! and her hissing voice brought him to a standstill in the midst of the darkness, to listen. "You have had your trial. You wanted ridicule ; you are covered with it, flooded with it from head to foot, so that you will never dare show your face again. Oh ! it was very fine to shriek that your son was dishonoring the name of Astier; but thanks to you that name has become the synonym of ignorance and credulity, — no one can mention it without...
Page 280 - He will send you enough to live on, for of course you must see that now you will never find a publisher or a review that will look at your twaddle, and your son's alleged ' dishonor ' will keep you from starving to death.
Page xix - Eois en Exil, cannot rest my eyes upon a page, without being charmed by the brilliancy of execution. It is difficult to give an idea, by any general terms, of Daudet's style — a style which defies convention, tradition, homogeneity, prudence, and sometimes even syntax, gathers up every patch of colour, every colloquial note, that will help to illustrate, and moves eagerly, lightly, triumphantly along, like a clever woman in the costume of an eclectic age.
Page 256 - I have unpleasant news for you. I have sent to the Library, for expert examination, the twelve to fifteen thousand autographs which compose what I called my collection. Messieurs, they are all forged, every one. The Academy of Florence told the truth. I am the victim of a most extensive fraud.
Page 195 - ... Delpech the chemist, our learned confrere of the Academy of Sciences, assisted us — " But these explanations produced simply a confused buzzing in poor Leonard's ears; he had suddenly become very pale, bloodless to the tips of his fat, hairy fingers, in which the three autograph letters trembled. "The twenty thousand francs will be at your house this evening, Monsieur Bos," he gasped finally, with the aid of what little saliva remained in his mouth.

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