La Guerre Qui Vient

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Small, Maynard, 1915 - Diplomacy - 120 pages
"With almost prophetie vision, the author saw European events shaping themselves to an inevitable crisis ... This meant a continental war, and in such a war, Delaisi reasoned, both sides would have need of France ... Delaisi was not an accurate prophet in everything. He underestimated the gritty fight which England has shown herself capable of waging even on land. And he entirely undervalued the financial strength of Germany. The European conditions, however, which brought about the war, he clearly discerned, and simply and forcefully described"--Foreword.

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Page 15 - Gradually on the banks of the Rhine, in Westphalia, in Saxony, in Silesia, great blast furnaces, steel mills and forges arose; millions of spindles turned in the cotton mills; woolen mills, chemical industries, and great shipyards sprang up as if by magic. The railways of all the small states were placed under one management; the government dredged...
Page 49 - Belgium, to bar the advance of the Prussian army and throw it back on the Rhine and the Meuse. That is why Lord Kitchener, the great English General, spoke the famous words : " The frontier of the British Empire in Europe is not the Straits of Dover, but the line of the Meuse.
Page 5 - ... government. In our mistrustful democracy it rests with a single man and a small coterie of financiers and men of affairs at will to unchain a war and embark this country upon a series of the most perilous adventures.
Page 19 - Once upon a time all the European products used here were purchased in England. To-day I am writing to you on a table manufactured in Germany, with a German pen on German paper. Soon the only thing English left will be myself.
Page 17 - They hoped thus to discredit their rivals. But what was their surprise when they discovered that a very large number of excellent articles which had...
Page 108 - En cas de guerre, dusse-je violer tous les règlements de toutes les Conférences de la paix, je n'ai qu'un but: vaincre. Les diplomates s'arrangeront après.
Page 96 - But this people is not the master of its own desUne petite coterie, irresponsable mais puissante, pèse de toutes ses forces sur sa diplomatie et tend à l'entraîner.
Page 17 - At the same time, from all the principal markets of the globe the English consuls who supervise the international commerce sent disquieting reports to London.
Page 48 - La frontière de l'Empire britannique en Europe, ce n'est pas le Pas de Calais, c'est la ligne de la Meuse.

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