The Joy of Captain Ribot

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Page vi - ... pedantic science. Many of the novels, especially the later ones, point a moral, which does not always lie near the surface. That moral, as far as it can be generalized at all, is the old-fashioned one, ' Right living is necessary to true happiness.' Thus he states himself that La Alegria del Capitan Ribot is ' a protest from the depths against the eternal adultery of the French novel.
Page 141 - This was the first and only time in my life that I felt suicidal," he says. "There was no hope, no hope at all.
Page 275 - I shall not wait for him to call twice. With firm step and tranquil heart, I will go to meet him, and giving him my hand say: " I have done my duty, and I have lived happily. Nobody has suffered because of me. Whether I am led to a sweet eternal sleep, or to a new incarnation of this impalpable force that fills me, I have no fear.
Page v - We Americans are apt to think because we have banged the Spanish war-ships to pieces that we are superior to the Spaniards, but here in the field where there is always peace they shine our masters.
Page 276 - The birds among the boughs sing joyfully with melodious voices in concert with the sunbeams. But I would not exchange all their melodious voices for one that is now calling me impatiently from the stairway: " Uncle Eibot, I am waiting for you! " " I am coming, my girlie; I am coming.
Page 140 - Larra, into being enamored of a woman who belonged to another " (here my voice did not change in the least), " I should not perfidiously attempt to gain her affection away from her husband, to win pleasure or joy.
Page 276 - it. The sun rises in the firmament and sheds its rays upon the garden. The flowers, shining, exhale their perfume. This light and these odors intoxicate me.
Page 180 - He felt, too, that she was the only woman in the world who could make him happy.
Page 275 - Secure in the affection of these beings that I love, and in my own self-respect, I watch calmly the fleeting of the hours.
Page 7 - She was a young lady of good stature, slender, pale, her hair black and wavy; her whole personality, if not of supreme beauty, attractive and interesting.

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