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Page 94 - From all sedition and privy conspiracy, from the tyranny of the Bishop of Rome, and all his detestable enormities, from all false doctrine and heresy, from hardness of heart, and contempt of thy word and commandment.
Page 21 - I have little doubt that in estimating the decrease of the population since the end of the last, or the beginning of the present century...
Page 15 - Proceedings at the Sessions of the Peace and Oyer and Terminer for the City of London and county of Middlesex...
Page 124 - Pretty and quaint, fairest lady," answered the Euphuist. "Ah, that I had with me my Anatomy of Wit — that all-to-be-unparalleled volume — that quintessence of human wit — that treasury of quaint invention — that exquisitely-pleasant-to-read, and inevitably-necessary-to-be-remembered manual of all that is worthy to be known — which indoctrines the rude in civility, the dull in intellectuality, the heavy in jocosity, the blunt in gentility, the vulgar in nobility, and all of them in that...
Page 35 - Exon, when times are better setled (which god hasten) it is with my other booke and my coines, giuen to Trinitie Colledge Librarie in Cambridge, god in his good time restore her with her sister Oxford to there pristine happines, the Vulger People, to there former obedience, and god bless, and restore Charles the second, and make him like his most glorious Father. Amen. "ANNE SADLEIR. "August the 20"* 1649.
Page 122 - The foundation of this play is a poem, copies of which are of extreme rarity: " The Tragicall Historye of Romeus and luliet, •written first in Italian by Bandell and now in Englishe by Ar\thur\ B1\pke\r The first edition of this was printed by Richard Tottell in 1562.
Page 122 - LONDON, printed for Nathaniel Butter, and are to be sold at his shop in Paul's Church-yard at the signe of the Pide Bull neere St. Austins Gate, 1608.
Page 110 - A viewe of some part of such publike wants and disorders as are in the seruice of God, within her Maiesties countrie of Wales, togither with an humble Petition, unto this high Court of Parliament for their speedy redresse.
Page 110 - Oh read ouer D. JOHN BRIDGES, for it is a worthy worke : Or an epitome of the fyrste Booke of that right worshipfull volume, written against the Puritanes, in the defence of the noble cleargie, by as worshipfull a prieste, JOHN BRIDGES, Presbyter, Priest or Elder, doctor of Diuillitie, and Deane of Sarum.
Page 11 - It is very neat, made like little closets-an excellent device, because in the first place you can stow away many more books, on both sides and on the walls, and in the next place it is good for those who study there, as they are not put out by seeing others facing them. At the top and bottom of the room there are locked closets, four, that is, in all, with doors of open work. Here the manuscripts are kept. The other closets have no doors. The arrangement of the printed books is not at all good, as...

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