The Life and Letters of Lady Sarah Lennox, 1745-1826: Daughter of Charles, 2nd Duke of Richmond, and Successively the Wife of Sir Thomas Charles Bunbury, Bart., and of the Hon: George Napier; Also a Short Political Sketch of the Years 1760 to 1763, by Henry Fox, 1st Lord Holland, Volume 2

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Page 43 - Pitt was appointed First Lord of the Treasury, and Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Earl Gower, President of the Council. On the...
Page 278 - He was educated at Edinburgh as a physician, and stood far at the head of all his contemporaries as a student of the sciences connected with the healing art ; but he also cultivated most successfully all the branches of intellectual philosophy, and was eminent in that famous school of metaphysics, for his extensive learning and his unrivalled power of subtle reasoning.
Page 88 - ... either England or Ireland. In the former all spirit is gone, and an Englishman and passive obedience are synonymous terms; in Ireland there is great spirit left, and it wholly depends on Government to turn it to a proper channel . . . but the Govt. does very foolishly in trying to raise up quarrels between the Catholics and Protestants for the purpose of an excuse for an union that will ruin Ireland, for the nasty Presbetereans will run away with the bone.
Page 253 - Having such sons, I am aware that you expect to hear of those misfortunes which I have more than once had to communicate to you ; and notwithstanding your affection for them, you have so just a notion of the value of the distinction they are daily acquiring for themselves, by their gallantry and good conduct, that their misfortunes do not make so great an impression upon you.
Page 43 - India bill, and. authorized him to declare the same to such persons as he might think fit; that a written note was put into his hands, in which his majesty declared " That he should deem those who should vote for it not only not his friends, but his enemies; and that if he (Lord Temple) could put this in stronger words, he had full authority to do so.
Page 147 - Napoleon profoundly moved her; and her enthusiasm opened her eyes to what has been hidden from voluminous and precise historians, namely, that in him, not a condottiere, but a Roman Emperor had come again. Is not Caesar returned in the shape of Buonaparte? The same genius, the same promptitude to concert, to execute great plans ! One is lost in guesses of what is to follow, so I never think about it, but give way to a pleasing presentiment that a great man is always more likely to do good than a...
Page 5 - ... in mine 10,000 to one against us ; but no one argument that has been urged to Mr Napier has had the least effect upon his determined purpose. He says he has known me long enough to judge of my character...
Page 125 - I think the new ones and the old devils are like hackney coachmen set to drive maneged horses, they looked frightened and are doubtfull which is the best chance to save their necks, whipping or coaxing. God send they may be wise enough to try the last, and all will go smoothly, for it matters not who does the good if its done for Ireland" Sarah concluded in a passion of underlinings.
Page 230 - ... that? Why the Commander-in-Chief's to be sure. Read Sir John Moore's early complaints of the same people; hear, as I have done, how poor Moore worked night & day to secure what was wanted for the army, & forbad every trusting to Spanish people, & then you will know that a Comr.-in-Chief, who publicly keeps a mistress at head-quarters, does not give all the attention to the care of his army, & disgusts his army, who lose all confidence in...
Page 97 - I go like a poor captain's wife, as I ought to do, in a chaise and pair, three of us (no maid) and one man on horseback." Fifty years old, and with failing sight, Sarah had no intention of ceasing to enjoy life. Bowling through the midlands with the farewells over, her spirits rose. "I hope to look at all my friends, which is a great pleasure after nine years.