The Life of Bartolomeo Colleoni, of Anjou and Burgundy

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Chiswick Press, C. Whittingham and Company] printed for the Arundel society, 1891 - Condottieri - 93 pages

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Page 67 - his condottieri and captains of squadrons, all in the flower " of their age, and most nobly armed and mounted, with " banners flying to the bray of trumpets, as if he was really " leading them to battle, a sight truly proud and marvellous.
Page 24 - Colleoni's labourers who had gone out to cut straw, seven were thrown into the canal, and one had his eye cut out and his hand cut off, and was sent in that condition to report the news of what had occurred.
Page 41 - In 1465 he presented a large amount of property to found an institution for giving portions to marriageable girls, " with the " idea of securing public morality by promoting marriages, " which are the basis of the family, the family being the stable
Page 54 - iron chest, to be kept in a secret and secure place where the treasure of St.
Page 33 - Padua, which was accepted with great applause. When he left the city he was accompanied by two senators.
Page 38 - Creator of the universe. He always held his own in these discussions, and by his clear-sighted judgment threw light on questions which had puzzled more learned brains.
Page 11 - Visconti, the command of the militia held by him being given to Diotesalvi Lupo, who was the first to arm infantry with guns and pistols.
Page 40 - Braccio he could outrun the swiftest of his infantry, clad in his coat of mail.
Page 49 - Bartolomseus, 1475, die 3 Novembris et ideo die illo Fratres et moniales annuatim pro anima ejus celebrant officium ne ingratitudinis vitium incurrant.
Page 40 - After a simple dinner he would spend half an hour in conversation, recounting...

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