The Life of Isabella Bird (Mrs. Bishop): Hon. Member of the Oriental Society of Pekin, F. R. G. S., F. R. S. G. S.

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E. P. Dutton, 1908 - 416 pages

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Great Bio of this extraordinary woman
missing page 152

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Page 385 - howe'er delayed and late, When at the Eternal Gate We leave the words and works we call our own, And lift void hands alone For love to fill. Our nakedness of soul Brings to that gate no toll: Giftless we come to Him, who all things gives, And live because He lives.
Page 271 - These false faiths degrade women with an infinite degradation. The intellect is dwarfed, while all the worst passions of human nature are stimulated and developed in a fearful degree; jealousy, envy, murderous hate, intrigue running to such an extent that, in some countries, I have hardly ever been in a woman's house, or near a
Page 169 - Weep sore for him that goeth away, for he shall return no more, nor see his native country
Page 86 - ran red with blood, keeps guard over the valley. Other needles there are; and mimic ruins of bastions, ramparts, and towers came and passed mysteriously; and the shining fronts of turrets gleamed through trailing mists, changing into drifting visions of things that came and went in sunshine and
Page 144 - A new light thrown on things, Contagion from the magnanimity O' the man whose life lay on his hand so light, As up he stepped, pursuing duty still "Higher and harder,
Page 103 - inspiriting the shrieking and howling of the boisterous wind! Even the fierce pelting of the rain is home-like, and the cold in which one shivers is stimulating ! You cannot imagine the delight of being in a room with a door that will lock,
Page 271 - how very little we had heard, how little we know, as to how sin is enthroned, and deified, and worshipped. There is sin and shame everywhere. Mohammedanism is corrupt to the very core. The morals of Mohammedan countries are corrupt, and the imagination very wicked.
Page 397 - heart arise Thoughts of kindness ever ; As the sun's bright ray Every flower is kissing, All that comes her way Takes from her a blessing. Where a widow weeps, She with her is weeping; Where a sorrow sleeps, She doth watch it sleeping; Where the sky is bright, With one sole taint of sadness, Let her
Page xiii - in the latter part of the seventeenth and the early part of the eighteenth century. He died in
Page 364 - at once the curse of Morocco, and the most formidable obstacle in the way of progress, chaining all thought in the fetters of the seventh century, steeping its votaries in the most intolerant bigotry and the narrowest conceit, and encouraging fanaticism which regards with approval the delirious excesses of the Aissawa and the Hamdusha.

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