The Life of John Heysham, M.D.: And His Correspondence with Mr. Joshua Milne Relative to the Carlisle Bills of Mortality

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Henry Lonsdale
Longmans, Green, and Company, 1870 - Carlisle (England) - 173 pages

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Page 98 - There were two groves adjoining to the Park : one of which, for many years, had been resorted to by a number of Herons, which there built and bred: the other was one of the largest rookeries in the country. The two tribes lived together for a long time without any disputes.
Page 158 - TREATISE on the HISTORY, NATURE, and TREATMENT of CHINCOUGH, including a variety of Cases and Dissections: to which is subjoined, AN INQUIRY into the Relative Mortality of the principal DISEASES of CHILDREN, and the numbers who have died under ten years of age, in Glasgow, during the last thirty years...
Page 98 - The parent birds, not willing to be driven from the place, endeavoured to effect a settlement in the rookery. The Rooks made an obstinate resistance ; but, after a desperate contest, in the course of which many of the Rooks and some of the herons lost their lives, the latter at length succeeded in obtaining possession of some of the trees, and that very spring built their nests afresh.
Page 98 - The two tribes lived for a long time without any disputes. At length the trees occupied by the herons, consisting of some very fine old oaks, were cut down in the spring of 1775, and the young brood perished by the fall of the timber. The...
Page 29 - ... the patients. The ages should be reduced into classes; and the tables adapted to the four divisions of the year. By such an institution, the increase or decrease of sickness ; the attack, progress, and cessation of epidemics ; the comparative healthiness of different situations, climates, and seasons; the influence of particular trades and manufactures on...
Page 61 - The persons of chief note who were in court at this time and died of the fever were, Sir Samuel Pennant, Lord Mayor for that year, Sir Thomas Abney, one of the justices of the Common Pleas, Charles Clarke esquire one of the barons of the Exchequer, and Sir Daniel Lambert, one of the aldermen of London.
Page 30 - ... Works, vol. iii. pp. 428-435. unexceptional manner be deduced from them. They are the foundation likewise of all calculations concerning the values of assurances on lives, reversionary payments, and of every scheme for providing annuities for widows, and persons in old age. In a moral light, also, such tables are of evident utility, as the increase of vice or virtue may be determined by observing the proportion which the diseases, arising from luxury, intemperance, and other similar causes, bear...
Page 32 - Whose blood will never turn their back. " All Lancashire will live and die With him, so chiefly will Cheshire : For through his father's force, quoth he, This kingdom first came to my sire.
Page 98 - The parent birds immediately set about preparing new habitations, in order to breed again ; but as the trees in the neighbourhood of their old nests were only of a late growth, and not sufficiently high to secure them from the depredations of boys, they determined to effect a settlement in the rookery. The rooks made an obstinate resistance ; but, after a very violent contest, in the course of which many of the rooks and some of their antagonists lost their lives, the herons at last succeeded in...
Page 129 - ... baptism. The consequence of this oversight was that Dr. Price assumed the mean duration of life to be 24 years, when it was really about 30 years. Unfortunately his table was made the basis for the Government annuity schemes; and the same error which gave the insurance offices one-third too high premiums induced the Government to grant annuities by one-third too large for the price charged, resulting in a loss to the public funds of about two millions of money before the error was corrected....

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