The life of Nelson, Том 2

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Страница 257 - HIS DUTY!" It was received throughout the fleet with a shout of answering acclamation, made sublime by the spirit which it breathed, and the feeling which it expressed. " Now," said Lord Nelson, " I can do no more. We must " trust to the great Disposer of all events, " and the justice of our cause. I thank
Страница 272 - should please the king to order otherwise. Then reverting to private feelings: " Take " care of my dear Lady Hamilton, Hardy: " take care of poor Lady Hamilton.— " Kiss me, Hardy." said he. Hardy knelt down and kissed his cheek: and Nelson
Страница 254 - future the name of Nelson only. " These are the only favours I ask of my " king and country, at this moment when " I am going to fight their battle. May " God bless my king and country, and all " those I hold dear! My relations it is " needless to mention : they will, of course, " be amply provided for. " NELSON AND BRONTE.
Страница 256 - Blackwood made answer, that he thought the whole fleet seemed very clearly to understand what they were about. These words were scarcely spoken before that signal was made, which will be remembered as long as the language, or even the memory of England, shall endure;—Nelson's last signal:—
Страница 137 - flag : but if the firing is continued on " the part of Denmark, he must set on fire •• all the prizes that he has taken, without '• having the power of saving the men who " have so nobly defended them. The brave •• Danes are the brothers, and should never
Страница 239 - drove from dear, dear Merton; where I " left all which I hold dear in this world, *' to go to serve my king and country. May " the great God, whom I adore, enable " me to fulfil the expectations of my
Страница 252 - Amen, Amen, Amen." Having thus discharged his devotional duties, he annexed, in the same diary, the following remarkable writing: " October 21st, 1805.—Then in sight of the " combined fleets of France and Spain, " distant about ten miles. " Whereas the eminent services of Emma
Страница 194 - them for a particular service,. " marked in the resolution, if I felt that I " did not come within that line of service, " as I should feel hurt at having a great " victory passed over without notice. I " beg to inform your lordship, that the port " of Toulon has never been blockaded by " me : quite the reverse. Every
Страница 101 - in the eyes of Europe, or whether " she shall rear her head higher than ever. " Again I do repeat, never did our country " depend so much upon the success of any " fleet as on this. How best to honour her, " and abate the pride of her enemies, must " be the subject of your deepest
Страница 253 - was to encourage the fleet's being supplied with every thing, should they put into any port in Sicily. We put into Syracuse, and received every supply ; went to Egypt, and destroyed the French fleet. " Could I have rewarded these services, I would not now call upon my country ; but as that has not been in my power,