The Life of William Ellery Channing, Part 4

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American Unitarian Association, 1899 - Unitarian churches - 719 pages
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Page 286 - ... by appeals to reason and by its liberal examples to infuse into the law which governs the civilized world a spirit which may diminish the frequency or circumscribe the. calamities of war, and meliorate the social and beneficent relations of peace; a Government, in. a word, whose conduct within and without may bespeak the most noble of all ambitions — that of promoting peace on earth and good will to man.
Page 387 - If a man love me, my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.
Page 503 - Universalists believe in a god which I do not ; but believe that their god, with all his moral attributes, (aside from nature itself) is nothing more than a chimera of their own imagination.
Page 194 - Christ is the authorized teacher and light of mankind, let us repair to his word, where he speaks to us and to all mankind, and with sincere, honest, humble, impartial minds, desirous to receive and resolved to obey his truth, let us earnestly meditate on his instruction. " If once we forsake this guide, to whom shall we attach ourselves ? If once we choose to rest on human authority, whom shall we select as our teacher out of the multitude who wish to number us among their proselytes? What pledge...
Page 562 - I hope I shall be permitted to express my surprise at the sentiments of the last speaker, — surprise not only at such sentiments from such a man, but at the applause they have received within these walls. A comparison has been drawn between the events of the Revolution and the tragedy at Alton. We have heard it asserted here, in Faneuil Hall, that Great Britain had a right to tax the Colonies, and we have heard the mob at Alton, the drunken murderers of Lovejoy, compared...
Page 427 - I am little of a Unitarian, have little sympathy with the system of Priestley and Belsham, and stand aloof from all but those who strive and pray for clearer light, who look for a purer and more effectual manifestation of Christian truth.
Page 84 - I need not be ashamed to confess the deep impression which this system made on my youthful mind. I am grateful to this stern teacher for turning my thoughts and heart to the claims and majesty of impartial, universal benevolence.
Page 208 - In our judgment of professed Christians, we are guided more by their temper and lives than by any peculiarities of opinion. We lay it down as a great and indisputable principle, clear as the sun at noonday, that the great end for which Christian truth is revealed is the sanctification of the soul, the formation of the Christian character ; and wherever we see the marks of this character displayed in a professed disciple of Jesus, we hope, and rejoice to hope, that he has received all the truth which...
Page 31 - Our colleges could not escape the contagion of these principles ; and I have no doubt that to these, and the pernicious books embodying them, much of the disorderly conduct, and most of the infidel and irreligious spirit, which prevailed at that period among the students at Cambridge, may justly be attributed. The patrons and governors of the college made efforts to counteract the effect of these fatal principles by exhortation, and preaching, and prayer, as well as by the publication and distribution...
Page 571 - Nothing in all his intercourse with his people, nothing in his whole Antislavery experience, caused him so much pain as a refusal of the use of the church to the Massachusetts Antislavery Society, on the sad occasion when all true-hearted persons were called to mourn the awful death of Charles Follen, and when the Rev. SJ May had prepared a discourse in commemoration of the rare virtues of that heroic and honored man. It was not only the insult to the memory of a beloved friend that grieved him,...

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