The Likeness of the Night: A Modern Play in Four Acts

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Adam and Charles Black, 1900 - 146 pages

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Page iii - This is the end of every man's desire. The burden of much gladness. Life and lust Forsake thee, and the face of thy delight ; And underfoot the heavy hour strews dust, And overhead strange weathers burn and bite ; And where the red was, lo the bloodless white, And where truth was, the likeness of a liar, And where day was, the likeness of the night ; This is the end of every man's desire.
Page 8 - Tell Josie and Marion," he said to Perault, " to get my room ready," and, weary as he was, he went to greet his chief. He found him, as men were accustomed to find him, busy with his correspondence. The Superintendent rose up eagerly to meet his missionary. " How do you do, sir, how do you do? I am very glad to see you," and he gripped Shock's hand with a downward pull that almost threw him off his balance.
Page 32 - ... Bernard. BERNARD. Too many cigarettes ; they make one nervous. I shall get those seats for Monday. MILDRED. Why did you go to Finchley Road ? Do you know any one there ? BERNARD. Of course. I didn't go for a country stroll. No time for that sort of thing. I see many people you know nothing about, and I have to go to all sorts of places occasionally. . . . That reminds me, Bolton says there is nothing like a sea voyage for any one who is run down. I was telling him about your faint last night....
Page 137 - MARY. [With a sigh] 1 am so thankful I never saw her. I couldn't bear to shape her face, her real face, in my thoughts. BERNARD. Luckily she would never be photographed ; there is only a faded portrait of her at seventeen that no one could recognise. MARY. \_After a pause] Berry, they were talking of her to-night, I am...
Page 57 - I saw that he loved me just the same. Oh, you cannot think what it was to meet — the misery, the joy of it; and he told me that his wife was good and gentle, but she had no lilt, no go — she loved him in an even, passionless manner, as a school-girl loves, not as I did, as I do! He is just my life!
Page 120 - CAREW. [With a sigh.] Oh ! she was the sort of woman of whom an unlucky chance is apt to take advantage, and I think that, as she sat there dreaming on through the twilight with the wild winds all about her, and the waves mounting higher and higher, that somehow she went forward to meet them — and they just folded her in.
Page 146 - Afraid of a face thinly veiled by the water that passes over and over it : it is the face of the woman we killed. [Looks down in terror as if at the water] It is there — there — I can see it, and the darkness gathering above it ! BERNARD. [Desperately, as if struggling to go forward, and yet unable to do so] Mollie MARY. [Putting out her hands again with a gesture of despair] Keep back ! Keep back ! Between us flows the sea [He half staggers ; they stand looking at each other aghast. CURTAIN....
Page 128 - Thanks for wedding presents, you know ; but there's no paper in the study. Could we have a little ? MARY. I'll go and find you some. I wanted to speak to Ralph. [Exit MARY. AMY lingers behind with BERNARD. AMY. Perhaps you won't be down when I start in the morning ; you are such a sluggard, you old dear, so I want to thank you once more for all your goodness — you have made us very rich. BERNARD.
Page 54 - When did you find this out ? " " Just before I started — an hour ago." "Then she cannot know yet! Oh, don't tell her! don't tell her ! " the woman who had taken Mildred's place cried, putting her hands out entreatingly. " Don't tell her. He says she is so gentle and good, it would break her heart. I would rather die, I think, than that she should know ; " and, suddenly resting her face down on the edge of the velvet-covered shelf, she sobbed bitterly.
Page 145 - Redemption. tell the story to the whole world, and so proclaim our shame and theirs ? Do you want to leave me and them, and your home, in which your duties lie, to brood in the luxury of atonement ? This is the idea of a selfish, hysterical woman, not of the woman I have loved. As for the oath you took, you were too much excited to be responsible. MARY.

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