The Lives of Those Eminent Antiquaries John Leland, Thomas Hearne, and Anthony Wood: With an Authentick Account of Their Respective Writings and Publications, from Original Papers, Volume 1

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William Huddesford, Thomas Warton
J. and J. Fletcher, 1772 - Authors, English
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Page 93 - a miftake might be made by an unlearned clerk. That PYTHAGORAS travelled for knowledge into Egypt &c. is known to all the learned, and that he was initiated into feveral different orders of Priefts, who in thole days kept all the learning
Page 10 - •fo travelid yn yowr dominions booth by the Se *' Coftes, and the midle partes, fparing nother labor " nor coftes, by the fpace of thefe vi. yeres pafte, " that there is almofte nother Cape, nor Bay, Haven, " Creke or Peer, River or confluence of Rivers,
Page 8 - Being now at full liberty, he purfued the natural bent of his genius, and entered upon this arduous undertaking with an unufual willingnefs. He travelled through the feveral parts of the kingdom, taking a particular account of the cities, towns and villages of each county -, taking notice alfo, and defcribing the
Page 95 - concelethe the arte of Wunderwerckynge, and of fore fayinge thynges to comme, thatt fo thay fame artes may not be ufedde of the wyckedde to an euylle Ende; thay alfo conceethe the (17) Arte of chaunges, the Wey of Wynnynge the Facultye (18) of Abrac, the
Page 87 - Dr. Plot's Account of his intended Journey through England and Wales, for the difcovery of Antiquities and other Curiofities, in a Letter to Dr. Fell, Dean of Chrift Church, Oxon. VOL. III. i The Cuftom of the Bacon at Dunmowe in Eflex. 2 Cuftom of the mannour of
Page 93 - (10) Gratan. GROTON is the name of a place in ENGLAND; The place here meant is CROTONA a city of GRECIA MAGNA, which in the time of PYTHAGORAS was very populous. ( 11
Page 93 - learning fecret from the vulgar, is as well known. PYTHAGORAS alfo, made every GEOMETRICAL theorem a fecret, and admitted only fuch to the knowledge of them, as had firft undergone a five years filence. He is fuppofed to be the inventor of the
Page 93 - of the firft book of EUCLID, for which in the joy of his heart, 'tis faid he facrificed a Hecatomb. He alfo knew the true fyftem of the world lately revived by COPERNICUS ; and was certainly
Page 31 - part of the day. As I came through Oxford on may 19. I found him in that Condition. Now had this Prieft actually adminiftered to him, I prefume that the Satisfaction of Mind, upon having received the Viaticum^ would naturally (in the Condition he was in) have afforded him a

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