The Mad Monk of Russia, Iliodor: Life, Memoirs, and Confessions of Sergei Michailovich Trufanoff (Iliodor)

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Century Company, 1918 - Russia - 363 pages
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Page 333 - So you do not intend to deliver the manuscript !" "In no circumstances. Why does she want it?" "Why, just suppose for curiosity's sake. A woman's heart is very obstinate. She has decided to have the manuscript and she must have it." "Tell the empress that there is not money enough in the whole world to buy my manuscript. And I refuse to go to Haparanda for any kind of dealings.
Page 112 - ... Hardly had I crossed the threshold when the heir began to clasp his. little hands lisping, 'New! new! new !' Those were his first words. The czar therefore issued a decree changing my name from Rasputin to Novy [New]. "I am made welcome in the imperial apartments, and often spend days with the czarina. I have even carried her to and fro like a baby. I visit the children's rooms; I read the evening prayers and sing the national anthem with them. I often play with the children. Once all four girls...
Page xvii - Iliodor as a student 34 Iliodor with his family at Bolschoye 43 Father Iliodor and his devotees at the Shrine of Saint Seraphim 54 The old monastery at Tsaritzin 63 The new monastery at Tsaritzin 63 Grave of one of Father Iliodor's followers .... 69 Celebration of Alexander Nevsky Day at Tsaritzin Monastery 76 Gregory Rasputin 89 Postcard written by Anna Viroubova 100 Red shirt presented by the Czarina to Rasputin . .117 Celebration of Alexander...
Page 302 - Orloif consented, gave the czar the accusations, and the result was that both he and Djunkovsky were sent to the winds." "Drown Rasputin, so that not even the bubbles appear. That is absolutely imperative. You would not believe it, but Grishka is drinking heavily now. He gathers together a chorus of Gipsies and gives them big sums of money, and once, when they were all intoxicated, he said to them : 'Look See this silk WHITE SILK SHIRT EMBROIDERED BY THE CZARINA AND GIVEN BY HER TO shirt? It was...
Page 252 - Pistolkors replied in Viroubova's name: "Father Iliodor: What kind of scandal do you threaten in your letter to Annushka? Who is going to arrange the scandal? You? It is possible. The French Revolution was started when the queen was accused of stealing some diamonds.
Page 208 - Lot-lit ina's diaries. poor, frail old man from the gorges of Altai and placed him in the cathedral of the famous Philaretus, and in the place of Makarius he transferred to Tomsk another friend of his, Meletiy, Bishop of Barnaoul, who had once made Gregory a penitent and commanded him to travel and to "perform saintly exploits.
Page 327 - Who is Tchescherin?" He replied that he was a general. "But I am not dressed; I cannot see you now. CoHie in half an hour, and I will go with you to the Grand Hotel and meet your companion." "Very well; I will come for you in an automobile.
Page 240 - The next day I assembled the people and offered a Te Deum for travelers. The people, feeling a presentiment of something evil, wept bitterly and even tried to prevent me from going. I reached Petrograd on the morning of January 12. Hardly had I greeted Hermogenes before he began to say: "Well, I have been dismissed from the Synod. On January 3, Sabler came to me and said: 'Master, the Synod has transferred you to the diocese. You have many affairs to attend to there.
Page 102 - Iliodor must know this, and must not attack my government and my ministers.' " Such was Gregory's report to me. That very day I spoke over the telephone with the high-procurator, SM Lukyanov. "Are you soon leaving Petrograd?
Page 194 - How about the Duma? Does n't it embarrass the czar?" "Nonsense! Nastinessl" he would reply. "Who is going to listen to the Duma? Papa assembled a few dogs there so that the other dogs would stay where they belong and stop barking. And I tell him all the time that the Duma is entirely unnecessary. But he seems to be afraid. There is going to be trouble. Well, I '11 see to it that there will be no Duma.

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