The Making of Citizens: Young People, News, and Politics

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Routledge, 2000 - 235 strán (strany)
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Based on research conducted in Britain and the US, The Making of Citizens traces the dynamic complexities of young people's interpretations of news, and their judgements about the ways in which key social and political issues are represented. Rather than bemoaning young people's ignorance, he argues that we need to rethink what counts as political understanding in contemporary societies, suggesting that we need forms of factual reporting that will engage more effectively with young people's changing perceptions of themselves as citizens.
The Making of Citizens provides a significant contribution to the study of media audiences and a timely intervention in contemporary debates about citizenship and political education.

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O tomto autorovi (2000)

David Buckingham is Reader in Education at the Institute of Education, University of London. He has conducted several major research projects on media education and on young people's relationships with electronic media. His previous books include Children Talking Television (Falmer Press, 1993), Cultural Studies Goes to School (Taylor and Francis, 1994) and Teaching Popular Culture (UCL Press, 1998).

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