The martyrology of Donegal: a calendar of the saints of Ireland

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Irish Archaeological and Celtic Society, 1864 - Christian martyrs - 566 pages

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Page 576 - Ireland. The publication of these manuscripts will render many most important literary monuments accessible, not only for historical inquiry, but for the purposes of comparative philology. The production of twenty-one volumes, bearing upon Irish history, has been accomplished by the Irish Archaeological Society, founded in 1840, and the Celtic Society, established in 1845. The present Society has been formed by the union of these two bodies, under the name of the '' Irish Archaeological and Celtic...
Page 153 - CinelConaill (Donegal), was his chief church, for he was of the race of Conall Gulban, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages.
Page 129 - I am Michael, the archangel, whom God hath sent to thee, to address thee and to make harmony for thee." "Thanks be to Him," said Brenainn,
Page 127 - Lis-mór ; and he was also abbot of Raithin at first. He was of the race of Ciar, son of Fergus, son of Ross, son of Rudhraighe, and of the progeny of Ir, son of Miledh. Carthach was another name for him. It was he that had the famous congregation consisting of seven hundred and ten persons, when he was abbot at Raithin ; an angel used to address every third man of them. Cuimin, of Condeire, in the poem beginning, "Patrick of the fort of Macha loves," states that no one that ever lived before him...
Page 576 - Irish history, especially those in the ancient and obsolete Irish language, many of which can be accurately translated and elucidated only by scholars who have been long engaged in investigating the Celtic remains of Ireland...
Page 177 - I like this," said MochaoL He afterwards fixed his beuk in the feathers of his wing. Three hundred years did Mochaoi remain listening to him, having his bundle of sticks by his side in the middle of the wood...
Page 581 - A memoir of his life and mission, with an introductory dissertation on some early usages of the church in Ireland, and its historical position from the establishment of the English colony to the present day.
Page 333 - Cluain-da^shaileacb, was the mother of these saints, and of five others, as is written at Mochua, 6 August. NADFRAOICH, Bishop. The Life of Brighit4 states, chap. 17, that Nadfraech, of the men of Tuirbhi, was her lector and her preacher; for she said, after she had received orders from Bishop Mel, that she would not take food without being previously preached unto.s • Life of Srighit.
Page 335 - The elevation of Boetius the bishop in the body by angels, and his return to the earth ; but it was at Elaidh Indaraidh at the Relic Eoghain this happened ; and there the alliance of Colum-cille and Buti took place, in the 30th year after the death of Buti and of the age of Columba.] 12. С. PRIDIE IDUS DECEMBRIS. 12. FINNEN, Abbot of Cluain Eraird, in Meath; a doctor of wisdom, and tutor of the saints of Ireland in his time ; for it was he that had three thousand saints at one school at Cluain Eraird,...
Page 576 - Society are to be obtained only by its Subscribers, who are divided into two classes : Members, who pay three pounds admission fee, and one pound per annum ; and Associates who pay an annual subscription of one pound, without any entrance fee. Members may compound for the future annual subscriptions by the payment of ten pounds, including the subscription for the current year.

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