The Memoirs of Alexandre Dumas (Père): Being Extracts from the First Five Volumes of Mes Mémoires, Volume 1

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Page 168 - Singular defeat, by which, notwithstanding the most fatal catastrophe, the glory of the conquered has not suffered, nor the fame of the conqueror been increased ; the memory of the one will survive his destruction ; the memory of the other will perhaps be buried in his triumph...
Page 291 - VOLUMES ALREADY ISSUED:— George Eliot. By MATHILDE BLIND. Emily Bronte. By A. MARY F. ROBINSON. George Sand. By BERTHA THOMAS. Mary Lamb. By ANNE GILCHRIST. Maria Edgeworth. By HELEN ZIMMERN. Margaret Fuller. By JULIA WARD HOWE. Elizabeth Fry. By MRS. ER PITMAN. Countess of Albany. By VERNON LEE. Harriet Martineau. By MRS. FENWICK MILLER.
Page 230 - ... another comrade, Amedee de la Ponce, assisted to equip Dumas for the coming fight, by teaching him Italian, so that he might read Dante and Ariosto in the original, and German, enough to read Schiller. Better still, he gave him this priceless advice, which Dumas gratefully records : — " Be sure that there is something else in life besides pleasure, love, sport, dancing, and all the wild dreams of youth. There is Work : learn to work — learn, that is, to be happy.
Page 291 - By ELIZABETH ROBINS PENNELL. Rachel. By MRS. A. KENNARD. Madame Roland. By MATHILDE BLIND. Susanna Wesley. By ELIZA CLARKE. Margaret of Angouleme, Queen of Navarre, By MARY A.
Page 291 - YONGE. Henry Grattan. By ROBERT DUNLOP. Marquis Wellesley, KG By COLONEL GB MALLESON, CSI Viscount Bolingbroke. By ARTHUR HASSALL, MA Lord Derby. By TE KEBBEL. Marquis of Dalhousie. By CAPT. LJ TROTTER. Charles James Fox. By HO WAKEMAN. Leon Gambetta. By FRANK T. MARZIALS.
Page 46 - Egypt, when clouds appear they pass away in six hours ; on my part, shoidd any arise, they shall be banished in three. The regard I cherish for you is at least equal to that which you have sometimes evinced for me. This lukewarm reciprocal assurance of esteem did not diminish the dislike they mutually entertained of each other. The loss of the fleet convinced General Bonaparte of the necessity of speedily and effectually organizing Egypt, where every thing denoted that we should stay for a considerable...
Page 153 - ... authorities, civil as well as military. On the 8th March, the Chambers of Peers and of Deputies, which had been prorogued on the last day of the past year to the first of May, were called together for the instant dispatch of business; and the king issued a royal proclamation, in which Napoleon Bonaparte was declared a traitor and a rebel, for having introduced himself by force of arms into the department of the Var...
Page 105 - From that moment he took to his bed, and never rose from it again. The...
Page 288 - Alexandre Dumas, I baptize thee Poet, in the name of Shakspeare, of Corneille, and of Schiller! — Return to the country, go back into your office ; and if you have a true vocation to it, the Angel of Poetry will be sure to find you wherever you are, and, lifting you by the hair of your head, like the prophet Habakkuk, will carry you whithersoever your work shall be.

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