The Memoirs of Mr. Charles J. Yellowplush: The Fitz-Boodle Papers ; The Wolves and the Lamb

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Estes & Lauriat, 1896 - English literature - 384 pages

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Page 254 - Mother, beside the fire Sat, her nightcap in ; Father, in easy-chair, Gloomily napping ; When at the window-sill Came a light tapping! v. " And a pale countenance Looked through the casement. Loud beat the mother's heart, Sick with amazement ; And at the vision, which Came to surprise her, Shrieked in an agony — 'Lor 1 ! it'sElizar!
Page 252 - Once to the willow-tree A maid came fearful, Pale seemed her cheek to be, Her blue eye tearful ; Soon as she saw the tree, Her step moved fleeter. No one was there — ah me I No one to meet her ! " Quick beat her heart to hear The far bell's chime Toll from the chapel-tower The
Page 252 - on Tolling and tolling. Long was the darkness, Lonely and stilly ; Shrill came the night wind, Piercing and chilly. " Shrill blew the morning breeze, Bleak over moor and stream Looks the gray dawn, Gray, with dishevelled hair, Still stands the willow there — THE MAID is GONE !
Page 157 - lady of honor, and mother of a famly ? 0 trumpery ! 0 morris ! as Homer says : this is a higeous pictur of manners, such as I weap to think of, as evry mori man must weap. The above is one pritty pictur of mearly fashnabble life ; what follows is about families even higher situated than the most
Page 35 - defau yraw." He takes a card, and nails it on the outside case (patty defaw graws come generally in a round wooden box, like a drumb) ; and what do you think he writes on it ? why, as folios : — " For the Honorable Algernon Percy Deuceace, etc., etc. With Prince Talleyrand's compliments." Prince Tallyram's complimints, indeed
Page 253 - Sing we a litany, — Sing for poor maiden-hearts broken and weary ; Domine, Domine I Sing we a litany. Wail we and weep we a, wild Miserere I " One of the chief beauties of this ballad (for the trans, lation of which I received some well-merited
Page 145 - forgot the footman in the litterary man, and committed to paper my remindicences of fashnabble life, it was from a sincere desire to do good, and promote nollitch: and I appeal to your honor, — I lay my hand on my busm, and in the fase of this noble company beg you to say, When you
Page 28 - and many sham barrysters, who never put on a wig and gownd twise in their lives, kip apartments in the Temple, instead of Bon Street, Pickledilly, or other fashnabble places. Frinstance, on our stairkis (so these houses are called), there was 8 sets żof chamberses, and only 3 lawyers. These was bottom
Page 2 - said he had been a hofficer, and so he had. He had been a sub-deputy assistant vice-commissary, or some such think ; and, as I heerd afterwards, had been obliged to leave on account of his nervousness. He was such a coward, the fact is, that he was considered dangerous to the harmy, and sent home.

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