The Methods of the Chemists of the United States Steel Corporation for the Sampling and Analysis of Fluxes, Cinders, and Refractories

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Page 32 - One gram of the steel is dissolved in a casserole with 10 to 15 cc. of nitric acid (sp. gr. 1.2) with the addition of a little hydrochloric acid if necessary.
Page 64 - The beaker and contents are allowed to cool, 25 cc. of water are cautiously added, and the solution is transferred to a 50 cc. volumetric flask, diluted to the mark, and mixed.
Page 51 - ... mixture evaporated to dryness and heated to dull redness, then cooled and weighed. About 2 cc. of hydrofluoric acid are added and the mixture evaporated to dryness. This is repeated twice to ensure complete expulsion of silica (as SiF4). A few drops of hydrofluoric acid are then added, together with some macerated filter paper, and a few drops of ammonium hydroxide to precipitate the iron. The solution is evaporated to dryness, heated to dull redness, cooled and weighed. The loss of weight is...
Page 29 - ... are cautiously added. The solution is then stirred vigorously. After boiling for about ten minutes, the precipitate is collected on a filter paper and washed with hot water. The filtrate is retained in a No. 3 beaker for the determination of lime and magnesia. The...
Page 19 - The proportions as used in the 10 in. by 1 in. test tube (15 cc. of any of the stock absorbents diluted to 60 cc.) may be taken as a basis therefor. If desired, the starch indicator solution may be added to any of the stock absorbent solutions in such proportions as to furnish the equivalent of 10 cc. of the indicator in the titration. SOLUTIONS REQUIRED Starch Indicator.
Page 45 - ... divided by the weight of the sample taken, gives the per cent of alcohol by weight contained therein.
Page 64 - After the steel has dissolved, 6 or 8 cc of sulphuric acid (1:1) are added, and the solution is evaporated until fumes of sulphuric anhydride begin to come off.
Page 48 - To the filtrate from the lead sulphate, 3 cc. of nitric acid are added. The solution is heated to boiling, and the iron and aluminum are precipitated with ammonia, added in slight excess.
Page 13 - ... and divided by the initial weight of the sample equals the per cent lime.
Page 22 - The crucible is heated carefully until the sulphuric anhydride is expelled, whereupon the residue is dissolved in water with the aid of a little hydrochloric acid, if necessary. The filtrate in the platinum dish is made ammoniacal and evaporated to dryness.

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