The Militiaman's Manual: And Sword-play Without a Master : Rapier and Broad-sword Exercises, Copiously Explained and Illustrated : Small-arm Light Infantry Drill of the United States Army : Infantry Manual of Percussion Musket : Company Drill of the United States Cavalry

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Matthew W. Berriman
Van Nostrand, 1861 - Fencing - 107 pages
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Page 26 - At the command right, turn the head to the right oblique, eyes fixed on the line of eyes of the men in, or supposed to be in, the same rank. At the command front, turn the head and eyes to the front.
Page 95 - The thigh well stretched down from the hip ; the flat of the thigh to the saddle ; knees- a little bent, legs hanging straight down from the knee and near the horse's sides ; heels well stretched down, the toes raised from the insteps, and as near the horse's sides as the heels. A plummet line from the front point of the shoulder should fall an inch behind the heel. This is the position halted, or at a walk ; at a trot the body must be...
Page 38 - ... parallel to the bayonet, the arm extended, the butt of the rammer opposite to the muzzle, but not yet inserted, the eyes fixed on the muzzle.
Page 11 - One. At the distance of six paces from the person to be saluted, raise the sword or sabre perpendicularly, the point up, the flat of the blade opposite to the right eye, the guard at the height of the shoulder, the elbow supported on the body. Two. Drop the point of the sword or sabre by extending the arm, so that the right hand may be brought to the side of the right thigh, and remain in that position until the person to whom the salute is rendered shall be passed, or shall have passed, six paces....
Page 30 - The piece in the right hand — the barrel nearly vertical and resting in' the hollow of the shoulder — the guard to the front, the arm hanging nearly at its full length near the body; the thumb and fore-finger embracing the guard, the remaining fingers closed together, and grasping the swell of the stock just under the cock, which rests on the little finger.
Page 86 - READY (from the position of Prime.)* ONE TIME AND ONE MOTION. Place the thumb of the right hand on the hammer (the fingers remaining under and against the guard,) cock the piece and seize the handle with the right hand.
Page 84 - As the first motion of order arms. (Second motion.) Incline a little the muzzle to the front, the butt to the rear, and about' three inches from the ground ; the right hand supported at the hip, will sustain the piece so that the men of the rear rank may not touch with their bayonets the men in front of them.
Page 42 - Piace the thumb of the right hand on the hammer (the fingers remaining under and against the guard), cock the piece, and seize the small of the stock.
Page 86 - Second motion. — Bring the piece, with the right hand, to the middle of the body ; place the left hand, the little finger...

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