The modern Jesuits, tr. by E. Lepage

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Page iii - Qui, brûlants et priants, demandent chaque jour, Et prêchent la retraite au milieu de la cour, Qui savent ajuster leur zèle avec leurs vices, Sont prompts, vindicatifs, sans foi, pleins d'artifices, Et pour perdre quelqu'un couvrent insolemment 375 De l'intérêt du Ciel leur fier ressentiment, D'autant plus dangereux dans leur âpre colère, Qu'ils prennent contre nous des armes qu'on révère, Et que leur passion, dont on leur sait bon gré, Veut nous assassiner avec un fer sacré.
Page 77 - I would have done still more ; were God to order me, through the VOICE OF MY SUPERIOR, to put to death father, mother, brothers, and sisters, I would do it with an eye as tearless, and a heart as calm, as if I were seated at the banquet of the Pascal Lamb.
Page iii - Ces gens, dis-je, qu'on voit d'une ardeur non commune Par le chemin du Ciel courir à leur fortune, Qui, brûlants et priants, demandent chaque jour, Et prêchent la retraite au...
Page xix - At tne horrible aspect of those pertinacious and daring men (the recollection still makes me shudder) I averted my eyes through terror ; and, on seeing the sanctuary of peace sullied with all the horrors of crime and imposture, I trembled at the thought of being within its walls. I resolved to escape as soon as I could without danger ; and wlien with incredible precipitation I crossed that accursed threshold, I exclaimed, ' Just Heaven ! can any honest man live among them?
Page xiv - State, to attack, condemn, and revile those sacred laws which have been rendered necessary by the misfortunes of nations, and by the progress of the human mind. Suffer them, also, in their regret for institutions that no longer exist, to overthrow and destroy, by their ridiculous sophisms, the fundamental principles of society and of government ; let them sow the seeds of hatred and dissension in all minds, and, armed with a supe rior authority, let them goad the people till they tear to pieces and...
Page 2 - He followed our troops for a long time in the uniform of a French soldier; and it is said that he acted thus according to orders transmitted from the court of Russia. Be that as it may, he contributed largely to the overthrow of a French battalion, by information which he conveyed to a general of the Russian armies ; and if we may believe the Jesuits themselves, he did more injury to Napoleon than the whole military force of the Czar.
Page 77 - Abraham, aud that of St Marius, who went to throw his son into a furnace to please his superior, promptly and unhesitatingly replied : — " I would have done still more. Were God to order me, through the...
Page 154 - ... of women and of children. Father Varin was ordered to take charge of the city people (bourgeosie), Father Roger, of the artizans, the men of the Fauxbourg St. Marceau, and the military; while other Jesuits participated the subordinate divisions. Father Ronsin monopolised the care of all men of the State. In his Congregation they were to be seen of every grade, from the Duke Mathieu down to the Apostolic Nuncio; multitudes of very Christian Barons, Dukes, Princes, Marquises, Counts, Cardinals,...
Page 65 - It is a part of the system of mercantile drumming, to " become all things to all men, in order to gain some.
Page 163 - Revolutionary ancestry—the sense that the blood which flows in his veins is the blood of a patriot of the Revolution, is an heritage that no American should disdain. It is more than a privilege; it is

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