The mother's question-book, by David Blair

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Page 30 - S. by W. SSW SW by S. SW SW by W. WSW W. by S.
Page 30 - West W. by N. WNW NW by W. NW NW by N. NNW N. by W.
Page 30 - ... answer to this very natural question will be more fitly and easily given when I come to describe the inhabitants of Flatland. For the present let me defer this subject, and say a word or two about the climate and houses in our country. Of the Climate and Houses in Flatland AS WITH you, so also with us, there are four points of the compass North, South, East, and West. There being no sun nor other heavenly bodies, it is impossible for us to determine the North in the usual way; but we have a method...
Page 45 - A blue rock, which is very soft when dug out of the quarry, and when hardened by exposure to the atmosphere it is split into thin squares.
Page 13 - The fibres of webs, after slight preparations, are united three or four together, and spun into thread by machinery. The weaver then converts this thread into various elegant fabrics, ribbons, etc.
Page 11 - The stalks are softened in water, and the fibres separated by being beaten: they are then dried and combed.
Page 56 - Lightning is the passage of the electric fluid from the clouds to the earth, and can be imitated by means of an instrument called an electric machine.
Page 13 - Worsted is hard-twisted woollen thread, and is spun from the wool of sheep that has been combed.
Page 11 - A plant with a slender stem, usually about two feet high, the bark of which consists of fibres or threads...

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