The Mystery of Orcival

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C. Scribner's sons, 1900 - Monsieur Lecoq (Fictitious character) - 376 pages

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Page 123 - ... guilty party. The task is a difficult one, but not so difficult as is imagined. The object is to find a man whose guilt explains all the circumstances, all the details found — all, understand me. Find such a man, and it is probable — and in nine cases out of ten, the probability becomes a reality — that you hold the perpetrator of the crime.
Page 76 - I don't usually open my mouth," pursued M. Lecoq, " until my mind is satisfied ; then I speak in a peremptory tone, and say — this is thus, or this is so. But to-day I am acting without too much restraint, in the company of a man who knows that a problem such as this seems to me to be, is not solved at the first attempt. So I permit my gropings to be seen without shame. You cannot always reach the truth at a bound...
Page 333 - " Yes, yes, you wished to pay me. Oh, don't excuse yourself, don't deny it. There are professions, I know, in which manhood and integrity seem to count for nothing. Why offer me money? What reason have you for judging me so mean as to sell my favors ? You are like the rest, who can't fancy what a man in my position is. If I wanted to be rich — richer than you — I could be so in a fortnight. Don't you see that I hold in my hands the honor and lives of fifty people? Do you think I tell all I know...
Page 58 - But see here," said M. Plantat, " it was the odd hour marked by that clock that struck me. The hands point to twenty minutes past three ; yet we know that the countess was fully dressed, when she was struck. Was she up taking tea at three in the morning? It's hardly probable.

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