The Mystery of Orcival

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C. Scribner's sons, 1900 - Monsieur Lecoq (Fictitious character) - 376 pages

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Page 56 - Monsieur the judge," said he, " has only to inquire at the prefecture, and he will learn that I know my profession. The great thing requisite, in order to make an effective search, is to remain unknown. The police are not popular. Now, if they knew who I was, and why I was here, I might go out, but nobody would tell me anything ; I might ask questions — they'd serve me a hundred lies ; they would distrust me, and hold their tongues.
Page 128 - Lieuben, a German lunatic, bet that he would succeed in turning up a pack of cards in the order stated in the written agreement. He turned and turned ten hours per day for twenty years. He had repeated the operation 4,246,028 times, when he succeeded.
Page 76 - I don't usually open my mouth," pursued M. Lecoq, " until my mind is satisfied ; then I speak in a peremptory tone, and say — this is thus, or this is so. But to-day I am acting without too much restraint, in the company of a man who knows that a problem such as this seems to me to be, is not solved at the first attempt. So I permit my gropings to be seen without shame. You cannot always reach the truth at a bound...
Page 333 - " Yes, yes, you wished to pay me. Oh, don't excuse yourself, don't deny it. There are professions, I know, in which manhood and integrity seem to count for nothing. Why offer me money? What reason have you for judging me so mean as to sell my favors? You are like the rest, who can't fancy what a man in my position is. If I wanted to be rich — richer than you — I could be so in a fortnight. Don't you see that I hold in my hands the honor and lives of fifty people? Do you think I tell all I know...
Page 53 - ... can only be a banker. Everybody knows that the artist is a merry liver, with a peaked hat, a velvet vest, and enormous ruffles. By virtue of this rule, the detective of the prefecture ought to have an eye full of mystery, something suspicious about him, a negligence of dress, and imitation jewelry. The most obtuse shopkeeper is sure that he can scent a detective at twenty paces ; a big man with mustaches, and a shining felt hat, his throat imprisoned by a collar of hair, dressed in a black, threadbare...
Page 75 - ... myself sure of the character of these assassins : but now " He paused ; the wrinkles on his face, the contraction of his mouth, betrayed his mental effort. " But now? " asked M. Plantat. M. Lecoq, at this question, seemed like a man just roused from sleep. •" I beg your pardon,
Page 118 - My theatre is — society. My actors laugh honestly, or weep with genuine tears. A crime is committed — that is the prologue ; I reach the scene, the first act begins.
Page 312 - A toilet-table, covered with powders, essences, and paints, stood between the fireplace and the window. On the other side of the room was a bookcase full of scientific works, especially of physic and chemistry.
Page 128 - Lieubcn, a German lunatic, bet that he would succeed in turning up a pack of cards in a certain order stated in a written agreement. He turned and turned the cards ten hours a day ioi twenty years, and repeated the operation 4,246,028 times, when at last he succeeded.
Page 119 - I bind in a bundle all the circumstances. The action soon reaches the crisis, the thread of my inductions conducts me to the guilty person ; I divine him, arrest him, deliver him up. Then comes the great scene ; the accused struggles, tries tricks...

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