The Mystery of Handwriting: A Handbook of Graphology

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Lee and Shepard, 1896 - History - 155 pages

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Page 1 - For tho' the Giant Ages heave the hill And break the shore, and evermore Make and break, and work their will ; I Tho' world on world in myriad myriads roll Round us, each with different powers, And other forms of life than ours, What know we greater than the soul ? On God and Godlike men we build our trust.
Page 2 - Brewster, whose authority on this subject cannot be questioned, says, "All bodies throw off emanations in greater or less size and with greater or less velocities ; these particles enter more or less into the pores of solid and fluid bodies, sometimes resting upon their surface, and sometimes permeating them altogether. These emanations, when feeble, show themselves in images; when stronger, in chemical changes ; when stronger still, in their action on the olfactory nerves ; and when thrown off most...
Page 15 - In nearly all diseases of the spinal cord and brain, the writing is amongst the first voluntary movements to depart from the normal condition of performance. To the trained eye of the graphologists this fact is laden with meaning; but at present it has not occupied the attention, due to its importance, of the medical profession.
Page 6 - ... valuable that art must be to the everyday citizen who has ordinarily to learn the true character of his associates by laborious and often costly experience ! A mere scrap of writing tells him the^ kind of man he is welcoming as the strangerJ within his gates to his family circle, to his purse, to his heart!
Page 19 - dude" of the day becomes androgynous; and the result in one case is a masculine soul in a woman's shape, and in the other a feminine soul in the *-*-. (* * 'Js Masculine Writing of the Fine ami Feminine Tgpe.
Page 16 - ... leading to it is discoverable in the writing of all sick persons who can use the pen; and the higher the grade of the intelligence, the more radical will be the indications.
Page 17 - In cases where sterility, either in male or female, seemed indicated by lack of family in married life, I have frequently noticed an extreme lack of liaison between the letters of a word.
Page 17 - I have noticed that a love of athletics is indicated by the small letters/,y, and g, having an abnormally long down-stroke commencing on a level with the other part of the letter.
Page 2 - Is it not possible that some of those fine and acute touches in a well-written analysis may have been arrived at through some subtle transference of ideas beyond the concept of the senses?

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