The Nature and Scope of the NASA University Program

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Scientific and Technical Information Division, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1965 - Astronautics - 39 pages

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Page 10 - While we are anxious to reap the benefits of research potential in the universities, we want to support research in the traditional atmosphere of instruction and learning from research that results from keeping the research activities surrounded by stu-dents.
Page 12 - This procedure permits the university to dissipate any obligations which it may have incurred in an orderly manner over a 2-year period. Although this type of funding is not appropriate for all research, it is desirable for the greater part of research activities that NASA supports because it creates stability and thereby increases research productivity.
Page 30 - In some cases adequate support of such a relatively minor research effort lies beyond the scope of a single project although this effort, if encouraged, would materially increase the productivity of the whole complex. Likewise, this type of research grant may serve as a base for the several minor projects whose support fluctuates in time to lessen the impact of such fluctuations upon the university structure. The foregoing discussion gives a broad-brush indication of the various types of activities...
Page 29 - Seventy associateships have been established for the year 1965 for study at any of six NASA installations. Both of these programs are administered for NASA by the National Academy of Sciences. The second segment of the Sustaining University Program is concerned with support, at qualified universities, of research that is somewhat different from that which we commonly term project research. The purposes for which these grants have 'been made are threefold. First, they have been used in support of...
Page 11 - It is for this reason that NASA hopes. to conduct its joint activities in a manner that will preserve and strengthen the universities' educational role. This basic policy is interwoven in the policies and procedures of NASA's support of training, research, and research facilities.
Page 37 - Where additional laboratory space is urgently needed to conduct research in space-related science and technology and the institution involved has indicated its intent to seek ways in which the benefits of the research can be applied to the social, business, and economic structure of the United States, NASA may provide funds for the acquisition of research facilities. We...
Page 12 - In this manner, the university always has funds coming in for 2 additional years, at a reduced rate, should NASA decide to withdraw its support or Congress fail to appropriate funds for this purpose.
Page 12 - Under this arrangement, funds in the amount of 100 percent of the level of effort desired are made available during the first year ; funds in the amount of two-thirds of the agreed level of effort are programed to be paid during the second year, and one-third of the agreed level of effort to be paid during the third year. When the initial grant is made, these funds are all set aside by NASA and paid to the university on some prescribed schedule.
Page 30 - ... broad multidisciplinary investigations. Another important type of this activity is the use of the research grant, generally in some coherent area of science, to establish new groups where latent competence is apparent and there is an earnest and potentially fruitful research activity needed by NASA. Grants of this nature are not large in monetary value and are aimed at overcoming one of the barriers, real or fictitious, known in the research support area as the inability to get a grant because...
Page 38 - NASA's mission. We consider it essential to develop a strong, mutually interdependent relationship between NASA and the universities in working to fulfill the needs for scientific manpower and research in the Nation's space program. It is our belief that within the universities rests the competence, imagination, leadership, and integrity that are essential for the conduct of these activities of mutual interest. As long as the universities demonstrate that they are able to carry on these activities...

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