The New Islamic Dynasties: A Chronological and Genealogical Manual

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Edinburgh University Press, 2004 - History - 389 pages

Those coming to the study of Islamic history for the first time face a baffling array of rulers and dynasties in the many different areas of Islam. This book provides a comprehensive and reliable reference source for all students of history and culture. It lists by name the rulers of all the principal Islamic dynasties with Hijri and Common Era dates. Each dynastic list is followed by a brief assessment of its historical significance, and by a short bibliography.

Fully updated and substantially revised and expanded for a modern audience, this handbook is based upon Bosworth's renowned The Islamic Dynasties, first published in 1967 and revised in 1980. As well as increasing the number of dynasties covered from 82 to 186, innovations in the new edition include much more extensive listings of honorific titles and of filiations, allowing genealogical connections within dynasties to be made.

Key Features:

  • Only reliable chronological and genealogical listing available
  • Covers all the areas of the Islamic world including Afghanistan, the Arabian peninsula, Central Asia, East Africa, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, North Africa, Persia, South East Asia, Spain, Syria, Turkey and West Africa
  • Includes 186 dynasties
  • Records those rulers who issued coins - of great interest to Islamic numismatics

About the author (2004)

C. Edmund Bosworth is Emeritus Professor at the University of Manchester.

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