The New Magdalen: A Novel, Volume 1

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B. Tauchnitz, 1873 - England - 325 pages
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Page 215 - ... some beautiful archangel with purple wings — MORELL. Some fiddlestick! Oh, if she is mad enough to leave me for you, who will protect her? who will help her? who will work for her? who will be a father to her children? [He sits down distractedly on the sofa, with his elbows on his knees and his head propped on his clenched fists}. MARCHBANKS [snapping his fingers wildly] She does not ask those silly questions.
Page 176 - Rise, poor wounded heart ! Beautiful, purified soul, God's angels rejoice over you! Take your place among the noblest of God's creatures !
Page 292 - If there is one thing I hate more than another, it is such a sneaking varlet as that Dwining !" " Have a care he does not hear you say so,
Page 181 - Don't — for your own sake don't go on provoking me much longer ! " " For my own sake ? You insolent creature ! Do you mean to threaten me ? " With a last desperate effort, her heart beating faster and faster, the blood burning hotter and hotter in her cheeks, Mercy still controlled herself. " Have some compassion on me ! " she pleaded. " Badly as I have behaved to you, I am still a woman like yourself. I can't face the shame of acknowledging what I have done before the whole house. Lady Janet treats...
Page 162 - ... Let her own the truth, without the base fear of discovery to drive her to it. Let her do justice to the woman whom she has wronged, while that woman is still powerless to expose her. Let her sacrifice everything that she has gained by the fraud to the sacred duty of atonement. If she can do that, then her repentance has nobly revealed the noble nature that is in her; then she is a woman to be trusted, respected, beloved.
Page 265 - For her sake, and for your sake, you shall not condemn her unheard," he said to Horace, firmly. "One temptation to deceive you after another has tried her, and she has resisted them all. With no discovery to fear, with a letter from the benefactress who loves her commanding her to be silent, with everything that a woman values in this world to lose, if she owns what she has done — this woman, for the truth's sake, has spoken the truth. Does she deserve nothing at your hands in return for that?...
Page 151 - Are you there, aunt t" it asked, cautiously. There was a momcnt'spause. Then the voice spoke for the third time, sounding louder and nearer. "Are you there t" it reiterated ; " I have something to tell you." Mercy summoned her resolution, and answered, " Lady Janet is not here." She turned as she spoke toward the conservatory door, and confronted on the threshold Julian Gray. They looked at one another without exchanging a word on either side. The situation — for widely different reasons — was...
Page 161 - All her energies may he crushed under the despair and horror of herself, out of which the truest repentance grows. Is such a woman as this all wicked, all vile ? I deny it ! She may have a noble nature ; and she may show it nobly yet. Give her the opportunity she needs — and our poor fallen fellowcreature may take her place again among the best of us ; honoured, blameless, happy once more !" Mercy's eyes, resting eagerly on him while he was speaking, dropped again despondingly when he had done....
Page 162 - Mercy answered, gently and gratefully. "She shall prove herself worthy of your generous confidence in her. She shall show you yet that you have not spoken in vain." Still inevitably failing to understand her, he led the way to the door. "Don't waste the precious time," he said. "Don't leave her cruelly to herself. If you can't go to her, let me go as your messenger, in your place.
Page 123 - The doctor!" she repeated, disdainfully. "I brought Grace back last night in sheer despair, and I sent for the doctor this morning. He is at the head of his profession ; he is said to be making ten thousand a year ; and he knows no more about it than I do. I am quite serious. The great physician has just gone away with two guineas in his pocket. One guinea for advising me to keep her quiet ; another guinea for telling me to trust to time. Do you wonder how he gets on at this rate? My dear boy, they...

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