The new and complete Newgate calendar; or, Villany displayed in all its branches, Volym 5

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Sida 282 - ... any false news or tales, whereby discord, or occasion of discord or slander, may grow between the King and his people, or the great men of the realm ; and he that doth so, shall be taken and kept in prison, until he hath brought him into the court, which was the first author of the tale.
Sida 358 - THOU fhalt not covet thy Neighbour's Houfe ; thou fhalt not covet thy Neighbour's Wife; nor his Man-fervant; nor his Maid-fervant ; nor his Ox ; nor his Afs ; nor any thing that is thy Neighbour's.
Sida 225 - ... to know. But if they thought, that when they were to die, they paid their legal forfeit, and that the world had no farther demand upon them; that therefore they might, by keeping their own...
Sida 219 - ... than my guilt. I have fallen from reputation, which ought to have made me cautious, and from a fortune, which ought to have given me content. I am sunk at once into poverty and scorn : my name and my crime fill the ballads in the streets ; the sport of the thoughtless and the triumph of the wicked.
Sida 215 - ... survey of matters, not the slightest intention of injury can appear to any one — (and I solemnly declare it was in my power to replace it in three months — of this I assured Mr. Robertson frequently, and had his solemn assurances that no man should be privy to it but Mr. Fletcher and himself) — and if no injury was done to any man upon earth, I then hope, I trust, I fully confide myself in the tenderness, humanity, and protection of my country.
Sida 220 - Dr. William Dodd; you have been convicted of the offence of publishing a forged and counterfeit bond, knowing it to be forged and counterfeited; and you have had the advantage which the laws of this country afford to every man in that situation, a fair, an impartial, and an attentive trial. 'The jury, to whose justice you appealed, have found you guilty; their verdict has undergone the consideration of the learned judges, and they found no ground to impeach the justice of that verdict; you yourself...
Sida 220 - I may, by meditation and contrition, prepare myself to stand at the tribunal of Omnipotence, and support the presence of that Judge, who shall distribute to all according to their works : who will receive and pardon the repenting sinner, and from whom the merciful...
Sida 215 - ... during this trying scene would draw tears of approbation, I am sure, even from the most inhuman. My lords, I have creditors, honest men, who will lose much by my death : I hope, for the sake of justice towards them, some mercy will be shewn to me. If, upon the whole, these considerations at all avail with you...
Sida 72 - ... according to the deeds done in the body, whether they be good or whether they be evil...
Sida 177 - Coach and got into the cart, they bowed respectfully to the sheriffs, who waved their hands as a final adieu. After the customary devotions, they crossed their hands, joining the four together, and in this manner were launched into eternity. They had not hung more than half a minute when their bands dropped asunder, and they appeared to- die without pain.

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