The novels of Samuel Richardson, esq. To which is prefixed, a memoir of the life of the author [by sir W. Scott].

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fers it to the false courage of men of their class 464 ent CCXI I From the same Goes to the officers CCLI Belford to Lovelace A consuming mala
Mrs Harlowe to Mrs Howe Sent
Clarissa to Mrs Norton Is concern
licence with his observations upon
Clarissa to her sister Beseech CCCII Lovelace to Belford Raves against
Lovelace to Belford Is mortified at re her virtue Has no hopes of escaping from per
From the same Rejoices to find he with Mr Hickman On what occasion He
acceptance of the trust
Mrs Norton to Clarissa Her friends CCCXXVII From the same Mowbrays
Belford to Lovelace Congratulates Berks
Lovelace to Belford Resolves to rissa Proposes in a most taunting and cruel
dream How affected by it Sleeping or waking CCCXL Clarissa In answer
Belford to Lorelacc Brief account versions to the doctor if he will but prolong
Belford to Lovelace Expatiates on hints to young ladies Is out of humour with
Belford to Lovelace Farther parti writes to Mr John Harlowe that they may
Lovelace to Belford Blesses him CCCXCI From Miss Arabella In which
Substance of her letter to Miss Howe with advice ral solemnity Heads of the eulogium
Belford to Lorelace The wretched
body may be sent down to HarlowePlace and will read What passed on the occasion
As the bad house is often mentioned in this work Makes an effort to forget all
From the same Mrs Norton arrives Charlotte and
Belford to Miss Howe With the Colonel to know his purpose He cannot
letter full of grateful acknowledgments for
Lord M to Mr BelfördiAce PostSCRIPT

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Сторінка 278 - Who shall most deceive and cheat the other ? So, I thank my stars, we are upon a par at last, as to this point, which is a great ease to my conscience, thou must believe. And if what Hudibras tells us is true, the dear fugitive has also abundance of pleasure to come. Doubtless the pleasure is as great In being cheated, as to cheat.
Сторінка 129 - For dignity composed and high exploit: But all was false and hollow ; though his tongue Dropt manna, and could make the worse appear The better reason, to perplex and dash Maturest counsels...
Сторінка 165 - ... principally from what offers to my own heart; respecting, as I may say, its own rectitude, its own judgment of the fit and the unfit; as I would, without study, answer for myself to myself, in the first place; to him, and to the world, in the second only. Principles that are in my mind; that I found there; implanted, no doubt, by the first gracious Planter...
Сторінка 364 - Such an act, That blurs the grace and blush of modesty; Calls virtue, hypocrite; takes off the rose From the fair forehead of an innocent love, And sets a blister there; makes marriage vows As false as dicers...
Сторінка 472 - A horrid hole of a house, in an alley they call a court; stairs wretchedly narrow, even to the first-floor rooms : and into a den they led me, with broken walls, which had been papered, as I saw by a multitude of tacks, and some torn bits held on by the rusty heads. The floor indeed was clean, but the ceiling was smoked with variety of figures, and initials of names, that had been the woeful employment of wretches who had no other way to amuse themselves.
Сторінка 247 - Tis a seriously sad thing, after all, that so fine a creature should have fallen into such vile and remorseless hands: for, from thy cradle, as I have heard thee own, thou ever delightedst to sport with and torment the animal, whether bird or beast, that thou lovedst, and hadst a power over.
Сторінка 248 - Much less can that have any place At which a virgin hides her face, Such dross the fire must purge away; 'tis just The author blush, there where the reader must.

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